25 years of Crescina, anti-thinning dermocosmetic treatment

Brand synonymous with Swiss excellence in dermocosmetic research, Labo celebrated in the evocative eighteenth-century setting of the Napoleonic Hall Of Serbelloni Palace in Milan (Click here to see the video) the important birthday of one of its pillars: GROW, what blew out 25 candles.

Introduced in Italy in 1998, it is a treatment in vials which, thanks to a cutting-edge formula subjected to continuous updates, helps prevent and treat thinning due to physiological and non-pathological causes, promoting the natural regrowth of new hair.

A highly respectable achievement, celebrated throughout the world. GROWin fact, is distributed in 40 countries, and is appreciated for its research and effectiveness supported by rigorous tests that distinguish it. Let’s discover his strengths.

A moment of the celebration of 25 years of CRESCINA in the magical setting of the Napoleonic hall of Villa Serbelloni in Milan.

An evolving formulation

Unlike common hair lotions, which aim to reduce hair loss, CRESCINA promotes regrowth because it acts directly on the bulbs (the roots of the hair) where the follicles are not completely atrophied, i.e. devoid of vitality. The product’s performance has gradually improved over the years, also thanks to the constant renewal of the formula with patented active agents (the formula is characterized by 8 patents). Labo researchers continue their research to help prevent and treat thinning from physiological causes with increasing success.

Each new renewed version of CRESCINA is then subjected to checks on its effectiveness, performed not only in the laboratory but also on volunteers. In particular, an in-vivo test in which 100% recorded positive hair regrowth results in thinning areas was also the subject of international publication in the scientific journal Dermatology and Therapy (Springer).

Here are the main moments in the evolution of the CRESCINA formula.

  • The first formulation dates back to 1998, and was born after 6 years of research by Labo laboratories. It encloses the first patent, composed of a cocktail of anti-hair loss agents, whose basic formulation combines two amino acids (Cysteine ​​and Lysine), a glycoprotein and a vasodilator in a hydroalcoholic vehicle. It was truly an innovation because, unlike other products on the market, it was specifically designed to stimulate the physiological growth of hair in thinning areas and did not aim to detach the hair already present on the scalp.
  • In 2009 is enriched with a new patented complex with active molecules obtained from plant stem cellswhich act at the level of the hair system.
  • In 2013 the new generation of CRESCINA HSFC products was bornwith a patent that guarantees protection of the hair stem cell environment.
  • In 2015 Labo developed and patented Transdermal Technology, an important innovation in the cosmetics sector which makes all its products and formulations unique in the world. This is a methodology based on specific protocols that take into account the molecular weight (i.e. the dimensions) of the substances included in the cosmetic formula, the penetration facilitators and the phase of monitoring the actual absorption of the active agents, by means of a laboratory device called Franz Cells.
  • The latest innovation is from January 2023 with the development of MITO – Mitochondria complexcomposed of a synergy of 3 molecules that promotes activity on the mitochondria (energy plants activated by biochemical processes that provide cells with the energy necessary to carry out their vital functions) of the hair system and stimulates cellular respiration for greater growth of hair.

CRESCINA’s latest innovation dates back to January 2023 with the development of the MITO – Mitochondria Complex.

There is not a single CRESCINA

Studies on the progression of thinning, based on the international classifications of male and female pattern baldness, have allowed Labo laboratories to develop different formulations of CRESCINAwith diversified concentrations of active ingredients suitable for treating different degrees of hair loss.

CRESCINA is effective in two specific cases:

  • with its “basic” formula, Crescina Re-Growth in thinninga condition actually due to the lack or poor regrowth of hair after a fall (even if not evident), which makes the hair less dense than the surface of the scalp, presenting thinning areas;
  • with the Crescina Re-Growth and Anti-Hair Loss version Complete treatment for hair loss, a progressive phenomenon, represented by the detachment of the hair from its location, the hair follicle. It can be seasonal or chronic.

CRESCINA then dedicates distinct formulations to the female and male world, in diversified concentrations of active ingredients suitable for treating different stages of the problem.

The Labo laboratories have developed different formulations of CRESCINA, with diversified concentrations of the active ingredients suitable for treating different degrees of hair loss.

Duration of care and customization

Multiple treatment cycles can be done with CRESCINA in vials over the course of the year. The minimum recommended period of use is 2 months (reaching 4 months of the efficacy test), the time necessary to have stable results, and can be repeated either consecutively or after a break of a few months.

Personalization consists of possibility to choose the dosage of treatment best suited to your needs, based on the degree of thinning classified on an international scale reworked by Labo (which is called “diradometer”, available on the site or in the pharmacy), and each of the three degrees of severity corresponds to a specific concentration, with increasing dosages of the active ingredients included in the formula for increasingly more relevant needs.

The best known treatment is called CRESCINA Re-Growthwith vials with amber contents, and is placed alongside the Complete Treatment containing vials with amber content specific for regrowth and colorless anti-hair loss vials to be used every other day. Both are available in formats of 20 and 40 vials, in three dosages (200, 500, 1300) and in versions Man And Woman. The range is completed by complementary products: shampoo and supplements.

The celebration of 25 years of CRESCINA involved the national press and influencers.

The range is also available CRESCINA Follicular Islands, which includes vials, shampoo and supplements, with a formulation enriched by a specific group of molecules, designed to support not only individual follicles but also the complex system of multiple hair follicles (from 2 to 5) whose stems emerge from a single opening, precisely called “follicular island” .

It should be noted that CRESCINA is not indicated in cases of alopecia caused by pathologies (alopecia areata or cicatricial for example) and when the scalp has lesions or dermatological problems (such as dermatitis, psoriasis and irritation). Furthermore, it is a dermo-cosmetic preparation for the exclusive use of adults. It can also be used during pregnancy and breastfeeding.