16 trucks full to the brim: initiator of collection campaign calls to stop bringing

So much was received at a fundraising campaign for Turkey in Vijfhuizen that initiator Gülten Isci calls on people to stop bringing stuff. Sixteen trucks are filled to the brim and more is not suitable now, she tells NH Radio.

Gülten owns a transport company and immediately decided to help after seeing the news. Initially it was supposed to go up to four full trucks, but this has quadrupled in a short time. “Everyone comes to help: Turks, Moroccans, Dutch, you name it.”

Overloaded with work

Meanwhile, the initiators are sorting the items brought, because not everything is usable. “It’s winter there now, so we really just need blankets, winter clothes, winter shoes and baby food.”

In addition to sorting, paperwork must also be arranged. Gülten is also very busy with that at the moment. “Fortunately, the customs formalities are not necessary, but I still have to arrange the consulate papers. Once that has been arranged, the trucks will leave.”


Although Gülten is overloaded with work, she is happy with all the help. “Really everyone comes to help, and I’m very proud of that.”

Listen to the radio interview below:

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