The autistic daughter of Sevilia Klerks from Eindhoven is sad. She had decorated her scooter for Halloween with an orange shirt – which she got from a swap closet – and a small flag. “She was so happy with that. Orange is her favorite color and the shirt also fitted around the backrest, so that the scooter was orange.” But when they didn’t look for a while, the shirt was taken on Thursday.

    “How proud she was… She even wanted to wear it later during the World Cup. I had to drive after an overstimulated, sad but also angry girl for almost an hour and a half. Such a meltdown is no fun for anyone, but it is for her twice as bad because she can’t let go until the shirt is back.” She suspects a group of teenagers of having done this. “So you ensure that there is a chance that my daughter does not want and cannot celebrate Halloween on Saturday, because her scooter is no longer in order. For you it is a cool shirt, for my daughter it was her world… That’s why I would like to ask both the parents and the person who has the shirt to return it. We live at the Cevenneshof. You can just throw the shirt with the other Halloween stuff. I hope you understand that you like my daughter a lot grieved.”