The cabinet is going to set a price ceiling for gas and electricity. And that is necessary, because the prices have risen enormously. Energy coach Rob Noordanus from Dongen has ten tips with which you can save money today, without risk.

    The cabinet is considering a price ceiling of 1.50 euros per cubic meter of gas and 70 cents per kilowatt hour (KWh) of electricity. A sharp drop. Yet you can already take measures to reduce the bill, both for gas and electricity. Rob has these tips for you:

    1. Mailbox
    Prevent cold from entering your home through the letterbox. Therefore, make sure you have a good letterbox flap.

    2. Cracks
    Close all cracks. Think of the edges around window frames. But also check the back door that you may not use much. Or patio doors that you probably won’t open much in the winter. Painter’s tape offers a solution. If you are sure that something never needs to be opened again, you can opt for kit or pur.

    3. Underfloor heating
    Buy an automatic pump switch if you have underfloor heating. Many houses have underfloor heating. That pump is always running, even when the heating is not on. An automatic pump switch prevents this and is therefore a good investment. The risk is that people think: I’ll pull the plug and then I’ll plug it in again in October. But then dirt gets into the pump, and it may not turn on. So don’t do that.

    4. Cavity wall insulation
    A solution that costs a little more money, but certainly a good way to save energy in older houses. It also immediately provides more comfort at home. For an average terraced house, this costs about a thousand euros if you have this done by a company. Money that you earn back in four years with the current prices.

    5. Shorter airing
    Do not air out your bedroom for hours. Many people like to sleep with fresh air, but don’t air your bedroom all day. Close the window again after breakfast. Short airing is often sufficient.

    6. Electric Blanket
    Heating your bed with an electric blanket is cheaper than turning on the heating. Put the blanket on fifteen minutes before going to sleep and you will crawl into a warm and energy-efficient bed.

    7. Shower alarm clock
    Use a timer for showering. On average, we spend about eight minutes in the shower. If you really go over this, a kitchen timer can help you take a shorter shower and save energy.

    8. TV in power save mode
    Set your television to energy-saving mode. Often people turn off their TV, but a light is still on. The TV receiver is then still on standby and that saves something, but not much. Many TV receivers have a power saving mode. By switching this mode on, you save much more electricity.

    9. Lights out
    Turn off the light more often. This tip is very obvious, but is worth paying even more attention to. Always turn off the lights in areas you leave. You can also turn off the radiators and close the door. This way you don’t have to burn in spaces where you are not and that is a lot more economical.

    10. boiler
    By making a small adjustment to your central heating boiler, you can save around sixty euros per year in one minute. Many central heating boilers are set to the factory settings of 80 degrees, but by setting the boiler to 60 degrees you can save about 60 euros in a year.


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