Rachel Hazes is causing Yvonne Coldeweijer a considerable expense with the summary proceedings she has filed against her. “My lawyer fees are between 12 and 15 thousand euros.”

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    Professional widow Rachel Hazes has decided to bother the judiciary with summary proceedings about something innocent juice by Yvonne Coldeweijer. She states that André Hazes Jr. has broken up with his mother because he would suspect her of leaking his break up letter to Sarah van Soelen.

    Rachel is bothering

    Besides the fact that there has apparently been no contact between André and Rachel since the leak of that letter – they didn’t even post a single photo together at Christmas – this kind of juice is of course not court-worthy at all. According to Iris van Lunenburg, it is a travesty that Rachel is harassing the judiciary with this.

    Yvonne thinks it’s ridiculous herself. She has even offered to swallow all her rumors if André simply publicly declares that he is indeed not angry with his mother. “But he won’t even do that for you anymore. ouch…”

    15,000 euros

    Anyway: Rachel’s summary proceedings will cost Yvonne a lot of money. She therefore asks her followers to donate money. “Join me in the fight against the cremated croquette! I also see really high donations coming in and I think that’s really sweet, but only if you can really miss it! I am also really happy with a euro.”

    Why that one crowdfunding? “For the people who have no idea: the lawyer’s fees for summary proceedings are approximately between 12,000 and 15,000 euros. And no, you will not get this amount back if you win! Whether you win or lose, you always lose this amount. Cry!!!”, she writes on her juice channel.

    The loser pays the costs of the proceedings. “That is something else. That was about 1,500 euros last time with Samantha Steenwijk. You have to pay for that.”

    No juice barrels

    Yvonne emphasizes that she no longer earns money from her juice. “I had my Telegram group, which you could join for 10 euros a month. At one point I earned 40,000 euros a month with it. It’s bizarre.
    But I tell you very honestly: earning money is nice, but a very chill relaxed life is more fun.”

    She continues: “A subscription model makes me nervous. Constant pressure to deliver content. Day and night. You are never ‘ready’ in your mind. I find it very unpleasant to go through life like this. Money is not that important to me. Freedom and one chill live life!”

    Clothing sales

    Yvonne’s only source of income is now her clothing store, which she also promotes through her socials. “So know: if you buy a sweater from me, you always keep my juice channel going.”

    Finally, Yvonne says that this month, in January, she will come up with ‘the biggest scoop of the year’. The subject? Rachel Hazes.

    Mediacourant wishes you a joyful 2023, full of ferocious stars and fuss 🥂