Ypres does not want to become a pole of attraction for new windmills

    Apart from this latest concrete file, the city does not think it is a good idea that windmills are popping up in various places across the landscape.

    Ypres seems to be a pole of attraction for new windmills, says alderman Philip Bolle, because the region is rich in wind, but also because there are many ring roads, railway lines, high-voltage lines and a highway here, locations where Flanders allows windmills. Such as near the Noorderring between Ypres and Vlamertinge. But two wind turbines are also planned on the Noorderring near the Auriscenter. And the file of the windmills at the end of the A19 is also still ongoing.

    The city sees all these new applications as an attack on the landscape, and would prefer to see the windmills grouped together. She would prefer to see the nine old windmills in the industrial zone replaced by new, more powerful windmills. Alderman Philip Bolle: “As a tourist city, we are strongly committed to the open landscape. That’s the future. And now we see that windmills are being placed almost haphazardly in the visual axes of the city. That is not the way we see the future. It is also very frustrating that Flanders had proposed in its government agreement that municipalities should be responsible for large wind turbines. But that has remained a dead letter. And that is a pity of course.”

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