World, European and Olympic champion national wrestler Taha Akgül made statements at the birthday celebration held for him in Ankara. Akgül, who is celebrating her 32nd birthday, stated that her goal is to get a gold medal in all tournaments until 2024, and that she wants to go to the 2024 French Olympics as the world champion by winning the gold medal in the world championship to be held in 2023. Akgül emphasized that he wanted to serve Turkish wrestling at the management level after he ended his wrestling career.

    Stating that his loved ones made a nice birthday surprise for him, Akgül stated that he is at an age that can be said to be experienced in sports, “2022 was a very good year for me. I won gold medals in 3 tournaments and closed the year 2022 undefeated. I beat our best opponents and the year was undefeated. ‘ They will work harder by saying, “We are behind Taha.” I established a new order for myself. I want to become a champion and get an Olympic visa directly. Getting a visa for the Olympics is not a criterion for us, but visa matches are starting at the 2023 World Championship. I want to go to the Olympics as a world champion athlete, I hope as a world champion there,” he said.

    Expressing that he showed everyone that he could become a champion whenever he wanted, Akgül said, “My goal is to win a gold medal and a championship in every competition I enter until 2024. I can do this job easily until I’m 38-39, but our goal is to always be at the top and say goodbye to the top in a competitive manner. We, as a career, are in Turkey. We are one of the best athletes ever. We want to complete it like this. Second and third places are not success for us. That’s why our people expect a gold medal from us because we are used to being champions. When we are defeated, the trauma is very heavy and we are worn out. That’s why we will be champions. and we will finish at the top as champions. Otherwise, if I want, I can wrestle very comfortably until the 2028 Olympics, maybe I can win the championship. I can make a lot of income in financial terms, but that’s not our problem. On the final day of the match, we only plan to have our country’s flag raised by waving it. you will print, this is not told it’s a feeling. You just think about it. 9 European, 3 world and 1 olympic championships… The pleasure it gives is irreplaceable. That’s why next year, for example, I will be the 10th, I will reach double digits. 10 is a huge number in freestyle wrestling. I will be the first athlete to achieve this by reaching double digits, I hope that is my goal,” he said.

    Noting that he wanted to serve in Turkish wrestling at the management level after his wrestling career ended, Akgül said, “It will be more correct to be in the managerial part of this business. I would like to serve my younger brothers after I quit wrestling. I cannot predict what the bureaucracy in our country will give us as a duty, this is the discretion of our elders. We are both at school. We are both sarcastic. We come from the kitchen of this business. I am a physical education graduate, I have a master’s degree, I will do my doctorate. I also improve myself in the academic field. I think that I will contribute to our country and our young brothers in terms of management. We do our best to serve our country when we are given a task. We will do it,” he said.
    After the interview, Taha Akgül attended the birthday party organized for her by her relatives and loved ones at WOC Cafe. Taha Akgül’s wife Bianka Cekusz, her friends, ASKİ Sports Club General Coordinator Abdullah Çakmar, club managers and names from the wrestling community attended the party. At the party, the composition titled ‘Taha Akgül’e’ made by ASKİ Sports Club for Taha Akgül and written by Yusuf Eker was played together with the prepared video clip.