Workaholic and shepherd Indy is looking for an active boss

The Malinois Indy is looking for a nice boss who has time for her all day and for active and challenging games. Indy is a real working dog and is looking for a challenge to go through life happily together.

Indy is a 2 year old female and a very active animal that needs to get rid of her energy. This means that she would prefer to work with her owner all day long.

Can lose energy

Walking in the park and running alongside the bike is fun, but Indy needs a little more. Not only physical but also mental challenges to lose her energy. Solving puzzles, detective work and dog sports would be ideal for her. Together with her boss you can have a pleasant and active life.

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Two-year-old Indy. Photo: Dierentehuis Zoetermeer

Boss with experience

Dierentehuis Zoetermeer is looking for a boss for Indy with time and experience with working dogs, who can give her the right guidance. If she does not get the right guidance, she will show problem behavior. She can go in the car, but can stay home alone for a few hours after an adjustment period.

If you are interested in Indy, please send an email describing your family situation, how much time you have for the dog, how long she should be alone, and what your experience is with working dogs. You can mail to [email protected]

There are regularly dogs and cats in Dierentehuis Zoetermeer for which a new home is being sought. If you want a companion animal at home, pay a visit to the shelter.

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