Women’s winter 2023 thermal shirt: 5 ways to wear it

ghe last winter months are always the hardest. If we reacted to the first cold weather with courageous and daring outfits, now it’s difficult to give up comfort for style. A thermal shirt would be enough to ensure outfits resistant to the coldest temperaturesbut how to combine it? Hiding it under oversized sweaters or large sweatshirts would be too simple. So fashion comes to the rescue, re-evaluating this controversial boss with refined styling to make the most of it. Warm, proud of their technical clothing and in step with the trends: 5 looks to match the long-sleeved thermal shirt for theWinter 2023.

With sweater and midi skirt

Until proven otherwise, the most effective and warmest women’s thermal shirt is that sweet life. It-girls, who often like to play easy, bet on logged models of the hottest bands, like Prada. While mere mortals can simply opt for design come on basic colors, easier to match. With just the neck peeking out below, it goes with a contrasting sweater and midi skirt, playing on elegant and formal color scales. Heeled sandals, strictly worn with socksfor an outfit that is much hotter than it seems.

A Street Style look to take inspiration from. (Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

With the suit, copying Cate Blanchett

Another great style secret to not suffer from the cold is focus on layering. Item after item, what lies underneath blends in with everything else, going almost unnoticed. Champion of effortlessly elegant outfitsCate Blanchett suggests the coolest and most versatile ensemble of the season.

Midi skirt and sweater: how to combine them with taste and a pinch of panache

To wear in airport, for an impeccable style even on the go. Or for the officethe black turtleneck is worn under a velvet suit, complete with waistcoat, and shirt. Boots on your feet and dark glasses for a touch of mystery, and your wardrobe takes off.

Cate Blanchett at the airport.

Thermal shirt with zip + blazer

In addition to the more classic models, the most experienced fashionistas can dare by choosing models with zip. Calling up i strong trend sweaters for Winter 2022 2023, synonymous with an updated and functional style. From the Fall Winter 2022 2023 fashion show by Tory Burch the perfect inspiration arrives, to be replicated to the letter. With a oversized blazers above, cinched at the waist by a maxi leather belt, layered skirt with ruches on the side, opaque wool socks and flat shoes: the preppy and slightly bourgeois style becomes young and practical. Finding the turning point in the thermal shirt.

A look from Tory Burch’s Fall Winter 2022 2023 show.

Well visible, with vinyl pants

Visible thermal shirt? The catwalks not only say yes, but also exaggerate. Choosing it to bold and vibrant colorswhich are not only noticeable from miles away, but which elevate their looks with simplicity and effectiveness. Missoni offers a thick version electric blue, to be worn under black & white patterned sweaters. With black vinyl pants with a high waist and snakeskin décolleté, you get an unexpected glam rock look.

Missoni Fall Winter 2022 2023.

With an open shirt, even for the evening

Not only for the day, but also to be used when the sun goes down. The thermal shirt of the season, even better if patternedhas all it takes to become the revolutionary top to use for dinners and disco nights. Full urban chic style, it can be used under oversized blazers, suits or bouclet jackets. With leather trousers, palazzo pants with pleats or with the miniskirt with tights, it will surprise you.

The unexpected “health shirt” has therefore also conquered the fashion world, which has cleared it by crowning it must-have seasonal comfort.