As of: 06/23/2022 8:09 p.m

    The teams at the EM 2022 can earn up to two million euros in prize money – twice as much as before, but significantly less than for men.

    The women’s EM will “setting new standards for women’s national team competitions”, said UEFA on Thursday (06/23/2022). The prize money will be doubled, a total of 16 million euros will be distributed. At the EM 2017 in the Netherlands it was 8 million euros.

    16 teams are taking part in England, each receiving an entry fee of at least 600,000 euros. This is also a doubling, writes UEFA. At best, the winning team can bring in 2,085,000 euros for its association.

    You want the money “distribute as widely as possible among the participating teams to prioritize the development of women’s football across Europe”. Compared to the men’s European Championship 2021 (24 teams), however, it shows that the difference is still very large.

    Prize money for the European Football Championship
    roundwomen 2022men 2021
    entry fee600,0009,250,000
    victory group100,0001,000,000
    draw group50,000500,000
    round of 16omitted1,500,000
    European Champion660,0008,000,000
    maximum amount2,085,00028,250,000

    Several associations announce equal pay, but not the DFB

    Some European national associations had recently announced equal pay for their national players, such as the Netherlands, England, Spain and several Scandinavian countries. The USA and Australia also concluded similar agreements.

    At the DFB, there are currently no plans to align tournament bonuses between women and men. “We’re looking forward to the Women’s European Championship and have big plans there too”said DFB director Oliver Bierhoff. “We negotiated a bonus there too, which is a record, but doesn’t come close to what the men get.” The reason given by the DFB director was the different income and sales in women’s and men’s tournaments.

    Each player in the German selection would receive 60,000 euros if they won the title. At the EM 2017, the association would have paid out 37,500 euros per player. The men received 300,000 euros per player at the 2014 World Cup.

    Money for the release of players to the clubs for the first time

    As has been the case for men since 2008, UEFA will for the first time compensate women’s clubs for the release of players in 2022. 4.5 million euros will be made available for this. The total amount paid depends on the number of days a player is released for the final tournament. These are

    • ten days of preparation
    • the days during the finals
    • a return day

    There is 500 euros per player per day, a minimum amount of 10,000 euros is paid for each player. The money should flow between October and December.