Women’s Bundesliga: Cologne women also without a goal at Turbine Potsdam

As of: 03/21/2023 8:52 p.m

In the basement duel of the women’s Bundesliga, there was no winner. 1. FC Köln was dominant, but the great goalless streak continues.

As a result, the Cologne team remained 0-0 on Tuesday (March 21, 2023) in their ninth game in all competitions without scoring their own goal. Thanks to the point win, Cologne, as the penultimate table, keeps the Potsdam women, for whom there is hardly any real hope of staying up in the league, at least ten points away.

  • 14th matchday
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Cerci hit the bar early in a tight game

With their backs to the wall, Turbine Potsdam got off to a good start, although Cologne’s Selina Cerci scored the first goal for FC with her crossbar hit (4th). But then Potsdam also showed an urge to move forward.

In the first half, a tight, intense game developed at eye level with respectable offensive moments on both sides, with the turbine gaining increasing advantages. FC goalkeeper Manon Klett saved a dangerous shot from the edge of the penalty area by Jessica De Filippo (36′). She was there to save a few more times before it went into the break.

Cologne women towards the end clearly decisive

Cologne then came out better from the same. Nevertheless, two things were still missing: the necessary precision in the last pass and that in the finish. However, the FC women determined the game and pressed. Potsdam had previously made the rooms quite cramped, but now they could be constricted. The women from Cologne regularly broke through, especially on the flanks.

Sarah Puntigam missed a promising opportunity after a corner kick (70′), shortly afterwards there was a danger in the Turbine penalty area: Mandy Islacker didn’t hit the ball properly when there was a chance (72′). FC remained dominant in the closing stages as well, Cerci’s header failed to hit the block of the Turbine defense from close range. The golden goal was denied to Cologne that evening. Instead, FC goalkeeper Klett actually had to intervene to save Wibke Meister (88′).

Next “final” for Cologne in Bremen

The FC women are already challenged on Friday (7.15 p.m.) in the next so-called “final” in the relegation battle. Then Cologne makes a guest appearance at Werder Bremen.