Status: 07/31/2022 08:03 a.m

    Outstanding offense against rock-solid defense – in the European Championship final, England vs. Germany at Wembley Stadium, nuances will be important between two teams of roughly the same strength. Sportschau compares the teams position by position.


    Mary Earps – Merle Frohms: A goal versus a goal conceded – both goalkeepers kept behind a strong defense in this European Championship, what was to be kept. Perhaps Frohms acts a little more cautious when coming out. Earps also pushes her colleagues harder.
    Slight advantage for England – 1-0

    Convinced as number one in her first major tournament: Merle Frohms (l.).


    Lucy Bronze – Giulia Gwinn: England’s right-back with the 2020 World Player of the Year was vulnerable in the semi-final against Sweden. All in all, Bronze played a strong tournament despite knee problems, which she crowned with a headed goal. Gwinn did not score a goal. However, it is impressive how reliable she is at the back and at the front.
    Point for both – 2:1

    Millie BrightKatrin Hendrich: The German is one of the great discoveries in the central defender position, as she is actually at home on the flank. Hendrich brings pace to the German defense. However, Bright is stronger in the opening game and has more presence simply because of her stature.
    Point for both – 3:2

    Leah WilliamsonMarina Hegering: England’s defense chief plays more inconspicuously than Hegering, who has much better positional play.
    Point for the DFB team – 3:3

    Rachel Daly – Felicitas Rauch: The left-back of the “Lionesses” plays in attack at Houston Dash and, like Rauch, has a great offensive drive. Against Spain she really got into trouble. Smoke with very good corners and free kicks.
    Point for Germany – 3:4

    Strong on defense, strong when partying: Millie Bright (right) and Rachel Daly.


    Fran KirbyLina Magull: Kirby is the woman for passes into the interfaces in attacking midfield. In addition to two goals, she has also provided three assists. Magull is the player for the special moments and can actually do everything on the ball. She also scored two goals and provided an assist, but did not find her way into the semi-final against France at all.
    Point for England – 4:4

    Keira Walsh – Lena Oberdorf: Walsh’s passing accuracy is a good 90 percent throughout the tournament. Inconspicuous but reliable in the center. Oberdorf has blossomed into the leader, clears away unconditionally, sparing neither herself nor her opponents.
    Point for Germany – 4:5

    Georgia Stanway – Sara Daebritz: The Englishwoman embodies power and dynamism – at just 1.63 meters. Without their goal in the 2-1 win over Spain in the quarter-finals, the “Lionesses” might not have made it to the final. Däbritz’ great strength is her skills in all areas. At this European Championship, she plays consistently, but without standing out.
    Point for England – 5:5

    England pride: Georgia Stanway, Keira Walsh, Beth Mead (from left)


    Beth Mead – Svenja Huth: 6 goals and 5 assists – Beth Mead is by far the best scorer of the tournament. Svenja Huth can keep up when it comes to dribbling, the vice-captain is even better when it comes to defensive work, but Mead pulls away when it comes to scoring.
    Point for England – 6:5

    Ellen WhiteAlexandra Popp: Much in the English game ahead of the EURO seemed to point to Ellen White as the team’s star. But in view of Mead’s outstanding performance and Alessia Russo’s great joker qualities (four goals), hardly anyone is talking about England’s seeded centre-forward, who “only” scored twice herself. Popp meanwhile is a German goal guarantee and leader in personal union and with six goals like Mead still has chances for the Golden Shoe.
    Point for Germany – 6:6

    Concentrated power: Svenja Huth, Giulia Gwinn, Alexandra Popp and Sydney Lohmann (from left).

    Lauren HempJule Brand: In view of her dazzling offensive colleagues, Hemp seems almost inconspicuous. However, with one goal, two assists and never tiring running, she has the same energy level as Huth and has also played a large part in England’s success. Brand made her first European Championship appearance from the start in the semifinals against France. Afterwards, the 19-year-old youngest player in the DFB team received praise from all sides. Precisely because she had played surprisingly mature defensively. In a duel with the experienced Hemp, however, she is (still) at a disadvantage.
    Point for England – 7:6


    Sarina Wiegman – Martina Voss-Tecklenburg: Wiegman could pull off the feat of winning two consecutive European Championship tournaments with two different nations. Five years ago, the Dutchwoman had already led her home country to the title at the home European Championship. It’s already clear: she did a very good job in England too, her record: 19 games without defeat, 104:4 goals.

    Know and appreciate each other: Sarina Wiegman (centre) and Martina Voss-Tecklenburg.

    But MVT has also formed a strong team. After the bitter World Cup disappointment in 2019 and the bumpy preparations, nobody would have expected that Germany would be so strong in England and that they would make it to the final with such performances.
    Point for both – 8:7

    Conclusion: England with 8:7 in front

    The sports show check sees the English women slightly ahead in their individual quality, including coaches, the comparison ends position by position 8: 7 for the “Lionesses”. Of course, team spirit and luck, which may be decisive in the game, cannot be taken into account in this evaluation.

    What does sports show expert Nia Künzer say?

    “It’s a European Championship final between two teams on an equal footing. A bit shortened you could say that England’s outstanding attack meets the very good defense of Germany – and I hope that the defense makes the difference. It depends on the effectiveness The German team has already shown that they don’t allow themselves to be annoyed or stressed, even under great pressure, and even if England have recently let themselves be intoxicated by the atmosphere in the stadiums, it can also mean negative pressure when the Fans expect so much from the team.”

    Selected statistical values ​​before the final
    accuracy of fit85.6%78%
    ball wins219223
    committed fouls4060
    fouls suffered5048
    yellow cards28th