In recent days, and as a result of his show in Argentina, Dua Lipa It was one of the obligatory topics of conversation. But in the family of the British singer there is more than one member who concentrates the eyes: her father Dukagjin Lipa (53), is unleashing several comments on Twitter from people fascinated by his image. The singer is aware of her father’s attractiveness and told the media “The Sunday Times” who find this fact “very funny” even though they don’t talk much about it.

    The first time that Dukagjin caused a sensation on networks was in the 2019 edition of the brit awards. The music producer has an Instagram account of 294 thousand followers, and he uses it above all to share images of the trips he takes and the recitals he goes to, generally always accompanied by his family. He also uploads photos that he takes with celebrities, like one where he is next to the actor. Leonardo Dicaprio.

    Dukagjin He was born in Kosovo, in southwestern Europe. He is the son of a historian, Seit Lipawho was director of the Institute of History of Kosovo from 1990 to 1995. Like his daughter, he was always related to the world of music, and in fact he was a rocker during the 90s: he collaborated in several musical bands and was a vocalist of the cluster “Ode”, which disintegrated in 1998. Then he began his path as a music producer, a profession that continues to this day. He plays the piano, the guitar, together with his wife, Anesa Lipawere in charge of cultivating Dua’s taste in music, making her listen Oasis, David Bowie, blur, Stereophonics since childhood.

    Dukagjin is founder and director of the sunny hill festival, a musical event held in Kosovo in which artists such as Miley Cyrus participated. Also, she works with a charity called the Sunny Hill Foundation. Dukagjin has a Master’s degree in Mass Communications and Journalism and is the founder and CEO of the Communications Agency REPUBLIC.

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