Increasingly, in the networks there is talk of Tivify, the Spanish platform that is positioned as one of the streaming options that has grown the most in recent months, as it is one of the few in the market to offer its programming in Spanish and for free. The eighty online television channels, which can be used on smartphones or other smart devices, position it as one of the ones that offers the most options at no cost.

    Although there are Plus and Premium services -which range from 2 to 7 euros per month-, the free version, launched at the beginning of the year, stands out for providing live content, without interruptions or ads. something similar to pluto tvbut Iberian programming focuses more on variety.

    The channel lineup is perhaps a bit generic compared to well-known services, but the inclusion of sixteen themed channels for movies and series, such as Paramount Channel either Disney Channelas well as the 25 highly prestigious international channels such as BBC, NHK, RT, Al Jazzera and DW. Probably, what interests the local user least is the content options from different Spanish regions, but it is a proportion that does not exceed a quarter of the entire offer of signals.

    What stands out about this signal is the additional and free engraving service. The user has the possibility of making up to 60 hours of recordings, only in the channels cataloged as “autonomous” and RTVE. However, the recorded material will be available for 30 days, and you have access to the broadcasts of the last 7 days in the selected catalogues.

    In Argentina, and Latin America, there are no free Spanish-speaking streaming platforms with qualities like those of the Spanish one. That is why, in times of digital content and thin pockets, the possibility of watching free programming means that those who offer this service become known in a matter of days.

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