The match between FC Groningen and SC Cambuur was halted shortly before the end on Thursday evening when about 20 Z-side supporters entered the field. Groningen eventually lost 0-1.

    From the Z-side chants sounded: ‘Fleddie fuck off’. The most fanatical supporters turned against technical director Fledderus in this way. Heavy fireworks were also thrown into that corner twice. In the 80th minute, when Groningen had been trailing for a while, supporters came onto the field with loud boos.

    The group seemed to want to get redress from the players and lingered in front of the entrance to the tunnel. After that, security managed to move them back to their section. At that time the score was 0-1 in favor of the visitors from Leeuwarden.

    End game in case of incident

    In the stadium it was seen how some policemen, at the section where the supporters came from, entered the stands.

    The stadium speaker warned the supporters that the match would be permanently stopped in the event of an incident. After more than 10 minutes of consternation, the players returned to the field and the game resumed.

    The game was then played without any significant incident. FC Groningen lost 0-1 and dropped to last place in the Eredivisie. Afterwards, some supporters gathered at the main entrance. The ME was already present there in large numbers.