Warmest New Year’s Eve ever measured: 14 degrees in Uccle | Instagram VTM NEWS

A temperature of 14 degrees Celsius was measured in Uccle on Friday. That is a new daily record. KMI weather forecaster David Dehenauw reports this on Twitter.

The previous record dates from 2017. The maximum temperature in Uccle was 13.8 degrees Celsius, according to Dehenauw. The weatherman said earlier that it is very warm for this time of year. Yesterday the temperature record, which dates back to 1925, was broken with a temperature of 14.2 degrees.

The current temperatures can be explained by the warm air mass that is blowing in our direction from southwestern Europe. Despite the current high temperatures, the RMI expects the temperature for the entire month of December to be around the average.

Not only in Belgium, but also in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, among others, the temperature record has been broken on New Year’s Eve. In the Dutch main measuring station De Bilt, the temperature rose to 14.4 degrees last night. This makes it officially the warmest New Year’s Eve ever measured, according to Weer.nl. The previous record also dates back to 2017, when it was 13.7 degrees in the main station.

In Coningsby, Lincolnshire, England, the mercury reached 15.3 degrees. The previous record of 14.8 degrees was set in 2011 in the Welsh seaside town of Colwyn Bay.


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