VVD Hoogeveen: hang the Dutch flag upright during 4 and 5 May

Hanging the Dutch flag upside down is seen as a protest action. The VVD in Hoogeveen hopes that residents of the municipality will hang the flag upright during May 4 and 5. Just to show respect for war victims.

The party made that call during tonight’s council meeting. The proposal was discussed during the agenda item on the use of flags at the town hall. According to Mayor Karel Loohuis, everyone can decide for themselves how a flag is hung on their own property. The municipality cannot enforce it.

The protocol for flags is being adjusted because of the fuss last year. Suddenly last summer a green flag flew above the town hall in Hoogeveen to support the farmers. At the request of CDA council member Bert Otten, also a farmer, the flag was raised.

There was a lot of fuss about this, because the municipality stated that it wanted to be a neutral party. With the hanging of the flag, a position was nevertheless taken, the council acknowledged. But that must change in the future. That is why there are different rules of the game.

The council may have to give permission for hanging a banner with a political message in the future.