Status: 11/16/2022 9:44 p.m

    VfB Friedrichshafen fought for the second victory in the second game in the CEV Champions League of volleyball.

    One week after catching up at the start against Montpellier VfB Friedrichshafen also won the second Champions League game. The team from Lake Constance won 3-0 (25-20, 25-17, 25-17) against the Serbian club Vojvodina Novi Sad.

    VfB Friedrichshafen initially had trouble getting into the game and had to let the Serbs pull away by three points at the start. But VfB gradually fought their way into the game and secured the first set after about 30 minutes with an ace from Tim Peter (25:20).

    Žiga Štern leads Friedrichshafen to victory

    The second set was balanced only at the beginning. Then Friedrichshafen took more and more control and pulled away with seven points. Towards the end of the second set, coach Mark Lebedev’s team lost the line a bit, making simple mistakes and allowing Novi Sad to come back to four points. In the end, however, the team recovered and secured the second set with another ace (25:17).

    In the third set, VfB Friedrichshafen struggled again. Novi Sad modified their attacking game and increasingly shifted their attacks to the middle. It was only in the middle of the movement that the Häfler managed to regain the sovereignty of the first two movements. In this phase, it was primarily new signing Žiga Štern who became a key player with precise serves and clever shots and led VfB to a sovereign 25:17 in the third set and thus to an unchallenged 3:0 victory.

    Friedrichshafen in second place

    VfB Friedrichshafen is now in second place in Group A of the Champions League with five points, behind top Polish team Jastrzębski Węgiel, who are visiting Lake Constance on November 29th at 6:00 p.m.