There was a management restructuring at the Lithuanian second-hand platform Vinted. As part of the restructuring, a newly founded shipping company will be introduced, the C2C marketplace announced on Thursday.

    Adam Jay is the future CEO of Vinted Marketplace. He joined Vinted earlier this year and brings “strong consumer technology experience”. In his role, Jay is primarily tasked with advancing Vinted’s quest to become the premier global destination for second-hand fashion. The previous Vinted managing director Thomas Plantenga will be CEO of the Vinted Group, which was created during the restructuring.

    Vinted Go – a new shipping method

    As part of the growth plans and restructuring, Vinted introduces its own shipping service provider under the name Vinted Go. With Vinted Go, the company is pursuing the goal for the Vinted marketplace, but also for other companies, to offer more efficient and affordable shipping options. Vinted Go focuses on pick up/drop off solutions.

    In June, the company will launch a number of Vinted lockers – initially in the Paris area. This enables Parisian customers to deposit or pick up their parcels in the lockers regardless of opening hours. The transport between the lockers takes place by electrically powered vehicles.

    In a second step, Vinted will roll out a shipping platform to improve the infrastructure for third-party shipping. “Europe’s cross-border shipping infrastructure is highly fragmented and lacks the affordability, convenience and connectivity that are critical to international e-commerce,” said Vytautas Atkocaitis, vice president at Vinted Go.

    “Our team has worked incredibly hard over the years to combine a network of delivery partners for multiple markets, resulting in a wide range of competitively priced delivery options for Vinted members. This is an important part of what we offer our members and has helped us to increase the acceptance of second hand on Vinted”. By creating the separate company, Vinted plans to strengthen this offering and expand it with alternative solutions.

    Vinted currently has more than 65 million users worldwide and operates in 16 markets in Europe and North America. The platform lists over 300 million second-hand items.