11/17/2022 at 08:04


    “Through this letter, I come to show that new evidence has appeared in which the defendant José Manuel Villarejo blames himself for said facts, affirming that it was he who recorded said conversation,” specifies a letter from the former head of Internal Affairs Marcelino Martin-Blas

    The former head of Internal Affairs and head of the investigation into the Pequeño Nicolás case, Marcelino Martín-Blas, has alerted the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid that the also retired commissioner José Manuel Villarejo has recognized in two audios posted by The Newspaper of Spain be the allegedly responsible for the illegal recording of a meeting held in October 2014 with agents of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), according to a document to which EPE has had access.

    Villarejo was prosecuted as allegedly responsible for the aforementioned recording and its subsequent dissemination in the press. For these facts, he faces a request for four years in jail in the trial that began on November 8.

    “An oral trial will be held before Section number 7 of the Provincial Court of Madrid within the procedure against José Manuel Villarejo, Gemma Alcalá and CM for the recording, editing and dissemination of a conversation that we had members of the Internal Affairs Unit of the National Police (which I directed) with members of the CNI in my own office and, through this letter, I come to show that new evidence has appeared in which the defendant José Manuel Villarejo he blames himself for these events, stating that it was he who recorded said conversation“, specifies the document.

    a flash drive

    Martín-Blas has also delivered, as specified in the document, a ‘pendrive’ that contains two audios. The first of December 17, 2014, partially published by this newspaper “on August 18, 2022” with the headline “Villarejo confesses to being the author of the recording to the CNI for which he is exposed to four years in prison,” says the retired main commissioner, who specifies the words of the head of the police clan: “I have recorded it.”

    Precisely in this recording, advanced by the newspaper Fuentes Informadas, the former deputy director of operations (DAO) of the National Police Force (CNP) Eugenio Pino acknowledges that the case of the “cook”, Kitchen or espionage against Luis Bárcenas only three of those present knew him in the now-known conversation, in which, in addition to Pino, the alleged head of the police clan and the then head of the UCAO Central Operational Support Unit, Enrique García Castaño, participated. However, Martín-Blas was prosecuted for his alleged participation in the parapolice operation against the former PP treasurer.

    “Marcelino doesn’t know”

    In the same sense, in the aforementioned conversation of December 17, 2014, one of the interlocutors showed his mistrust of Martín-Blas, and literally stated: “Fortunately you removed it from there, from the Catalan issue, because then the CNI knows everything“. But at that moment in the conversation, García Castaño answers: “He knows about the Chinese.” “I would have known,” the first agent answers again, which was interrupted by Eugenio Pino, who assures: “He doesn’t know He doesn’t know if we made a contract or not, he doesn’t know.”

    In the second audio included in the ‘pendrive’ delivered to the Madrid Prosecutor’s Office, the content of which has also been partially published The Newspaper of Spain, Villarejo again acknowledges the authorship of the illegal recording to the CNI. “Someday I will tell how I did it.”

    Martín-Blas has supplied the audios to the Provincial Prosecutor’s Office of Madrid with the purpose that the Public Ministry or even the popular prosecution exercised by Podemos include them as evidence at trial: “I request that this document and attached document be considered received, transferring them to the prosecutor designated for the hearing […] well in advance”, concludes the former head of Internal Affairs.