For a long time, technology combined with applications have been achieving incredible things. And the networks do not hesitate a second to apply it to current politics. That’s how it was armed “The Great Simulator”a viral video that reviews different scenes from well-known films in which the faces of the protagonists are replaced by that of the superminister of Economy Serge Massa and that of the vice president Cristina Kirchner,

    Look at the viral video of Sergio Massa:

    In the video you can see Serge Massain the body of Freddie Mercury in “The Great Simulator”in that of Johnny Deep in “Young Scissorhands”reincarnating to Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) in “Fast and Furious”a Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill”to one of “The Fabulous Baker’s Brothers”, to the legendary james-bond and being the Terminator T-1000 played by actor Robert Patrick. She also has the space of her vice president, who appears embodying the young woman she played Winona Ryder in the Tim Burton classic.

    The video joins the endless memes politicians among which are the unforgettable videos in which you could see all the protagonists of the political arch of babies and even old thanks to different applications that allow you to modify the physiognomy of people.

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