Verona-Salernitana, Nicola: “I accepted other defeats, I don’t like this one”

The statements of the grenade coach in the post-match match against Verona

One to zerothis is the final result of the match A league Between Verona And Salernitana. David’s team Nicholas he remedied a heavy defeat in terms of salvation, by virtue of only four points ahead of Piatek and teammates in the relegation zone. The match was decided by a goal by ngonge second consecutive league goal (CLICK HERE FOR THE RANKING). Thus, the grenade suffered the second consecutive knockout in the league (the fifth in the last seven games) after the heavy defeat against Juventus Of Merry. Nicholas – who spoke at the press conference after the match – he focused on

Here are the statements of the grenade technician from Bentegodi Of Verona.

Why can’t we emerge? Because we make individual and reading errors, but this is the characteristic that has manifested itself in these games and on which we are trying to work. We could have brought it home, and that too is determination, you know there are games that are more important than others and this was one of them. In calculating direct clashes we are not in a bad way: I’ve accepted other defeats, this one doesn’t go down well. I don’t like explaining the reasons, after the break we met very demanding teams, scoring points with teams of our level. Verona are not superior to us, so we must get nervous about not having scored a point. The general level is this, I am convinced that the team has the means to save itself and it will.”

Nicholas he then continued: “Ochoa has been brought in to help us out until Sepe returns. It’s a particular role and there are hierarchies, Sepe has rightly taken his place. We have two excellent goalkeepers: Juve rotate their goalkeepers, I don’t know why we can’t do it. Coulibaly he hadn’t missed a game with me, he needed to rest a bit, even if in reality they never rest: Crnigoj he had had a great week and was given a chance. This team has ample means to save itself, but we need to improve the determination with which we take away certain results and also what we concede.”

Final comment by Nicholas on a possible retirement in view of the next championship match: We have already been on retreat before coming here, because it seemed right to do something more from this point of view. The decision to oppose Verona by keeping a defensive line that became five was also to support a player like Doig, who has strength and power. We put Candreva in front of him, who has quality, knows how to defend and restart. He too had played all the games, so he was replaced. On two or three occasions we have conceded we pay duty immediately, we need something special to score. Objectively, something is wrong and we have to try to improve“.