The police have already arrested thirteen young people belonging to far-right groups. In the raid that targeted the cars in which Morocco’s supporters were travelling, one woman was slightly injured

    A full-blown racist raid against Morocco fans celebrating in the streets of Verona after the penalty shoot-out victory over Spain. A group of hooded people, attributable to the local far right, allegedly attacked some Moroccan boys aboard five cars in Corso Porta Nuova.


    According to witnesses, the attackers used chains, belts and batons against the cars passing through Corso Porta Nuova. A woman was slightly injured by splinters from broken windows. A video circulating online shows five hooded people, one with a belt in his hand, rampaging against the occupants of a car.


    Thirteen young militants of the extreme right in Verona have already been arrested and identified by the police who will now have to ascertain individual responsibilities.