C.Or do English porcelain plates and a printed napkin have in common? Many, romantic two-tone flowers, to blossom against a background of blue and sky blue that goes well with the soft green of the strudel. Of course, it’s spring.

    Recipe of the vegetarian strudel by Claudia Compagni and photos by Francesca Moscheni taken from “Vegetarian greedy” by Il Cucchiaio d’Argento

    300 g “00” flour
    1 egg
    50 g breadcrumbs
    50 g walnut kernels
    3 sprigs of marjoram
    1 bunch of asparagus
    50 g caciotta with vegetable rennet
    4 spring onions
    300 g green platters
    4 yolks
    50 g watercress
    1/2 lemon
    extra virgin olive oil, salt


    Knead in the mixer flour with egg, 3 tablespoons of oil, a pinch of salt and 1.2 deciliters of water. Divide the dough into 2 loaveswrap them in two sheets of cling film, freeze one and let the second rest for an hour at room temperature.

    Heat 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, add the breadcrumbs mixed with the chopped walnuts and toast it over low heat. Let cool and add the chopped marjoram leaves.

    Clean the asparagus and spring onions, cut them in half lengthwise and blanch for a minute in boiling salted water and drain with a skimmer. Blanch the platters for 5 minutes, drain and let them cool.

    Roll out the dough in a very thin rectangular sheet and transfer it to a sheet of baking paper. Sprinkle it with the mixture of walnuts and breadcrumbs leaving a 3-finger margin free on all sides.

    Cover the mixture of walnuts and breadcrumbs with the asparagus, spring onions and grated caciotta. Fold in the edges of the longer sides of the rectangle of dough and roll it over the filling with the help of the paper underneath.

    Bake the strudel in the oven at 220 ° for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, whip the egg yolks with 4 half shells of water in a saucepan placed over a bain-marie with lightly boiling water, until a firm and frothy zabaglione is obtained. Season with salt, add a teaspoon of lemon juice and the chopped watercress. Serve the zabaglione hot with the sliced ​​strudel.