Lhe beginning of the new year is the perfect time to purify the skin with charcoal: aAttention, we are not talking about what is in the Befana stocking but about one of the most powerful and effective cosmetic ingredients ever. Here because.

    Impure skin? Why try charcoal?

    If children fear finding it in their stockings, beauty lovers know that instead coal is a precious gift for the skin and not only: is an ingredient that, in a delicate way, deeply cleanses both the epidermis and the hair. Obtained from a particular process of combustion without fire of wood and its waste, this skincare product is the result of calcination in an oxygen-free atmosphere. This process is called carbonification.

    The powder obtained is then heated a second time with water vapour, air or gas to increase its absorption power: for example, the amount of powder equal to a wooden stick, manages to absorb copper, chlorine, mercury and all types of heavier metals.

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    This is why vegetable charcoal is used in cosmetics recognized for its detox properties: it is in fact “adsorbent”, that is, he succeeds in to make all the toxins present on the skin or hair adhere to its surface.

    The purifying properties and the differences with clay

    Known since ancient times, coal is ideal for combination and oily skin: it helps deep clean them like a magnet, attracting all impurities. For this it is highly recommended at the end of the day to remove make-up but also the particles of pollution that have deposited on the epidermis.

    Detox after the holidays: from the table to skincare

    Often the action of charcoal is compared to that of clay. It’s not exactly accurate. This, in fact, tends to dry the skin too much. Charcoal, on the other hand, does not dry out the face so much, which makes it also ideal for combination epidermis, with some drier areas.

    How to use

    Given its characteristics, it’s the star ingredient in cleansers and masks. It can be used for the morning cleansing even if it is particularly recommended for the evening one, so as to eliminate all the impurities of the day. Also, coal is especially suitable during the changes of season because it also eliminates gray from the face.

    However, it is not an ingredient suitable for all skins. Those normal they can use it once a week for shock action, preferably in the form of masks. Mixed and oily ones can use it more often, which is why it’s not unusual to find it in solid soaps for daily use.

    Finally, charcoal is not recommended for sensitive skin and especially for those already naturally dry.

    Also suitable for hair

    Its highly cleaning action makes it also suitable for hair because it improves its appearance. Again, it’s a must-have ingredient if there are problems with excess sebum or dandruff: acts on the scalp in depth, detoxifying the hair follicles.

    And, just like for the skin, it doesn’t dry out the hair too much which indeed remains very clean, fluffy and luminous.