“Union Tanke” owner Frank Seifert can serve beer despite electricity sabotage Photo: Matthew Koch

    By Matthew Koch

    The derby is also a big day for the Union pubs around the An der Alten Försterei stadium. That’s why it was a shock for owner Frank Seifert (55) that his “Union-Tanke” was willfully damaged on Thursday night.

    At least one stranger had severed several power cables in the beer garden. Because of the proximity to the derby, Seifert suspects that it could have been chaos from the Hertha BSC environment. Seifert: “Maybe a single idiot is running around.”

    A witness had seen at least one person with bolt cutters. Fortunately, Friday night remained calm.

    Seifert made a check in the morning. However, he had also moved all repaired cables indoors. On the night of the derby, to be on the safe side, he drove a car patrol.

    Seifert expects up to 1500 guests before, during and after the game. In contrast to the stadium, he also serves alcoholic beer.

    This will also be the case in the “offside trap”. Since the Union restaurant was daubed with a Hertha flag in September 2021, there have also been surveillance cameras there. The fan pub “Tusches Kick & Rush 17” has also been quiet so far.

    The hopefully peaceful derby can come.


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