Ukraine asked the court in the United States to refuse Tatneft in a call about 52 banks

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Ukraine asked the US court to refuse Tatneft to summon 52 banks in a $173 million case

We are talking about the ongoing dispute between Tatneft and the state of Ukraine since 2008 in the case of compensation for the loss of a stake in Ukrtatnafta, whose shares were eventually transferred to the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky

Photo: Andrey Gordeev / Vedomosti / TASS

Ukraine has asked a US court to block Tatneft’s motions to subpoena representatives of 52 banks in a $173 million recovery case against the oil company, arguing that the demands are a “pretext” to obtain confidential information as troops amass near the border between the two countries. About it informs Bloomberg.

“In the context of the imminent threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, a Russian oil company with close ties to the Russian government should not be allowed to use subpoenas as an excuse to obtain confidential information relating to Ukraine’s military and national security, as well as its monetary stability. “, – said the Ukrainian side at the trial.

The court heard statements from Ukrainian officials, including the secretary of defense and the ambassador to the United States, who argued that the wording of the subpoenas contained requests for information that had nothing to do with the case. “Instead of this [требования о взыскании] she [«Татнефть»] asked the United States for comprehensive disclosure of information about the assets and financial transactions of Ukraine and third parties playing a key role in such strategic sectors as defense, energy, transport and communications, ”the defense argued.

According to the agency, Tatneft’s petitions were sent to 52 different banks, including Citigroup Inc., JPMorgan Chase & Co., Credit Suiss, Danske Bank A/S, the Reserve Bank of Australia and others.


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