celebritiesBono (62) has a half-brother whom he knew nothing about for decades, the BBC reported on Sunday. “I have another brother, who I love and look up to, who I didn’t know I had,” the U2 frontman told the BBC’s ‘Desert Island Discs’ radio show.

    The Irish singer, who is actually called Paul David Hewson, discovered in 2000 that he had a half-brother, he tells the program on BBC Radio 4. But he is “peaceful with it”, he says in the conversation. His mother, who died in 1974, did not know that her husband had a child with another woman. It was all kept secret, Bono reported to the BBC. “It was a very close family,” said the singer. “I could see that my father had a deep friendship with this beautiful woman, who was part of our family. Then they had a child together and kept it a secret.”

    big secret

    When he discovered that he had a half-brother in addition to his brother Norman, he spoke to his father before he passed away in 2001. “I asked him if he loved my mother and he said ‘yes’. And I asked, ‘How could this happen?’ And then he said, ‘It’s possible,’ and that he was trying to make it right.” According to Bono, his father did not apologize, but simply told the facts. “I am also at peace with that.” Bono’s mother was unaware of the whole situation. “She didn’t know about it. Nobody knew about it. My father clearly had a lot on his plate, but because his heart was elsewhere, his thoughts were elsewhere too.”

    During his conversation with BBC Radio 4, Bono went into further detail about the bond he has with his parents. For example, the singer talked about the death of his mother. Paul, the artist’s real name, was only fourteen years old when he had to say goodbye to his mother. According to the singer, her death also had a major impact on their family. “I immediately found another family. I started with U2. Afterwards I got to know Ali (Bono’s wife, ed.). It all happened very quickly,” said the singer. Bono also stated that he had a “complicated” relationship with his father. “I’m sure I was difficult to get along with at times. And he also had a lot on his mind. He didn’t quite know what was going on.”


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