The typhoon made landfall in Kagoshima, in the southwest of the country, on Sunday evening. The large island of Kyushu was hit by strong winds and heavy rainfall. The typhoon then moved northeast along the coast of the Sea of ​​Japan. The typhoon then lost its strength.

    In Kyushu, trees have been uprooted, windows smashed and rivers overflowed. In some parts of the Miyazaki department, the equivalent of a month’s rainfall has fallen in 24 hours. Two deaths have also been confirmed there. According to government spokesman Hirozaku Matsuno, two other people have also been found who “showed no signs of life”. In Japan, that wording is used for a death that has not yet been officially diagnosed by a doctor.

    The death toll could rise as authorities check whether two other deaths are attributable to the typhoon. The emergency services are also looking for a person who has been reported missing.

    At least 114 people were injured, the spokesman said. Fourteen of them are in very bad shape.
    As of Tuesday morning, 140,000 families were still without electricity, most of them in Kyushu.