11/20/2022 at 04:44


    The attacks come after Turkey blamed the PKK for being behind Sunday’s deadly attack

    Turkey has shelled the Syrian city of Kobanein the north of the country, which is under the control of the Kurdish militias of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which would have left an unknown number of dead and injured, according to their spokesperson on social networks.

    “The Turkish airstrike was aimed at Military posts belonging to Damascus government forces in Qazali (the eastern rural area of ​​Tal Abyad), Tal Rif’at and Zarkan, causing deaths and injuries,” he wrote on his Twitter profile.

    These attacks occur days after Ankara blamed the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) for being behind the deadly attack on sunday spent in the center of Istanbul. In addition, Turkey considers the Popular Protection Units (YPG), the main component of the SDF, an extension of the PKK, considered a terrorist in that country.

    Both groups have denied any involvement With the attack that claimed the lives of six people, however, the Turkish Interior Minister has pointed out that he “has suspicions” that the order was given from the Syrian city of Kobane.

    “Kobane, the city that defeated Isis, is subject to shelling by Turkish occupation planes”, wrote the spokesman who also reported air strikes on two villages in Aleppo.

    For its part, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that the Turkish army has carried out more than 20 airstrikes in the two provinces, according to ‘The Guardian’.