Tres Pinos Villa de Campo: an investment in quality of life and a sustainable future

Tres Pinos Villa de Campo accompanies a life choice that brings together unique characteristics, a green environment, connectivity and sustainability. Part of Tres Pinos’ value proposition is that both the developer and the owners share a vision of a sustainable future. Ortronic makes this lifestyle possible, allowing each home to have its own energy source and neighborhoods to become more conscious and responsible communities.

Ortronic is a binational company with a 20-year history dedicated to the research and development of new forms of energy generation and management, providing a comprehensive solution, designed to provide comfort and convenience to each home, while contributing to the care of the environment.

Ortronic provides the energy that each home needs, without interruption of the electricity supply and without electricity bill, since it is not connected to the network.

In addition to providing renewable and efficient energy for the home, Ortronic also contributes to the creation of a sustainable neighborhood that promotes a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. By not depending on the electricity grid, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced and the responsible use of natural resources is promoted.

Ortronic Home solar energy is an investment in the future of your home and the planet. Choosing Tres Pinos Villa de Campo is choosing a more responsible and conscious future.


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