Tooske Ragas is ‘to taste’ left over from Meilandjes conflict

Tooske Ragas wonders whether you want to work as a housekeeper for the Meiland TV family. “I still have a bit of a bad taste to it,” she says.

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The Meilandjes will soon open their new hotel on the coast and that is why they are looking for a housekeeper. He must then clean the rooms every day between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. Erica and Martien Meiland recorded a call and it was broadcast in Shownieuws last night.

Nadege 2.0

Private boss Evert Santegoeds, who is friends with the Meilandjes, thinks the need is great. He says in Show news: “They miss Nadège. They are frank about that, because their boarding house is rapidly approaching completion. That will open this spring and then it is very nice to have such a housekeeper again à la Nadège.”

Nadège Coffinet was the housekeeper of the Meilandjes in France. Can she not emigrate to the Netherlands? “It will not be him himself, because he is ill and has stayed behind in France, but they are now calling for a kind of Nadège 2.0 to be found.”

Evert hopes that the Meilandjes will find someone. “It’s not a top job.”

Program buddy

Colleague Bart Ettekoven thinks it is a missed opportunity that no program has been devised around it, something like De Nieuwe Nadège. “Shouldn’t they just have built a whole program around this?”

Tooske Ragas, the presenter on duty, then: “I assume this will be part of the new series, right? The search for the new Nadège.”

Bart: “It may be that they will do the entire application procedure in the new series.”

To taste

Tooske does point to the conflict the Meilandjes had with Nadège. The TV family meant more to the housekeeper than the other way around and that led to disappointment. “I thought: do you want to be Nadège? I still have a bit of a bad taste, or am I…”

Evert doesn’t feel that. “Yes? No, she was very happy. How she looks back on it: I think it was the happiest time of her life. She was not born for luck, but she still loves the Meilandjes and she still hopes for an invitation to stay there, I think, in Noordwijk.”

Paid in rose

In any case, Tooske hopes that the Meilandjes pay well. “Well, we’ll see. We’re going to see it on TV. What does it slide? Do we know that too? The fact that they don’t say that is a bit… Anyway.”

“You get paid in rosé, I think.”