Antti Tuisku’s gig in Kuopio was cancelled.

    Antti Tuisku’s gig at Kuopio’s Circus nightclub on December 9 has been cancelled.

    The organizer of the gig is RH Entertainment, which filed for bankruptcy in November. The application for bankruptcy was filed on November 10. has withdrawn from sale all tickets for events organized by RH Entertainment.

    However, Tuisku tells his Instagram account the storiessection, that the organizer had sold too many tickets for the event.

    – The organizer had sold a considerable amount of so-called too many tickets and a huge number of people simply wouldn’t have fit in, says Tuisku.

    – Unfortunately, it would not have been possible for us to split one gig into two gigs on the same or consecutive days, and therefore the whole gig had to be cancelled, Tuisku continues.

    Iltalehti reached out to Circus’s promoter Niko Hallamäkiwho did not agree to comment on the matter but urged to contact the concert organizer RH Entertainment.

    Iltalehti also reached the CEO of RH Entertainment, which filed for bankruptcy Riki Huhtalanwho declined to comment on the matter, citing bankruptcy.

    Antti Tuisku’s gig has been cancelled. Joona Rissanen