Tomi Björck’s legendary caramel pig will soon be available all over Finland – a bestseller in Povata

Corona also gave birth to something new in the restaurant world, the growth of virtual restaurants.

Tom Yum Yum’s April test portion. Eeva Paljakka

Restaurant Farang’s caramel pig is already a concept. Tomi Björck’s and Matti Wikbergin created by the restaurant and its caramel pig once became hugely popular.

Caramel pig and Farang are still going strong, even though Björck is no longer involved in Farang’s activities. But it will soon be possible to eat the legendary caramel pig in other parts of Finland.

Massama curry. Eeva Paljakka

The restaurant phenomenon born during the corona makes this possible. Chef Pertti Kallioinen began to think about his own failures in the restaurant business during the Corona period.

– I thought about what I did wrong and right, what I should get for other entrepreneurs as well. Then I started planning how to scale the business and at the same time maintain quality, says Kallioinen.

The virtual restaurant chain that started with Pizza Cartel is now investing in Asian food. Kallioinen believes in its appeal.

Munchfam, which he founded during the Corona period, will soon launch 20 Tom Yum Yum restaurants serving Thai food. In addition to them, Kallioinen already has 25 Mad Wok restaurants, 10 Kickin Korea restaurants, and four restaurants opening next week in Berlin.

Tom Yum Yum’s caramel pig and beef. Eeva Paljakka

The dishes at Tom Yum Yum, which operates virtually and will open in June, have been designed together with Björck.

Not all styles of food are equally suitable for home delivery, but for Asian dishes it is very suitable. On the contrary, they are transport-friendly.

For example, the flavors of Thai or Indian food only improve if the food is not eaten immediately. Food can be made, so to speak.

– Sauces in particular have a lot of flavors, they should not be eaten fresh, says Kallioinen.

He believes that the caramel pig will be a hit. Transport company Wolt also predicted the same. Kallioinen says that he was told that the caramel pig will definitely set new sales records.

Roasted pork ribs and palm sugar caramel in Jim Lim by Farang style. Alexander Store

Espoo’s virtual restaurant Huuva also believes in the same. You can also get a caramel pig from its selections, according to Matti Wikberg’s Jim Lim by Farang concept.

Jim Lim, which is influenced by Southeast Asia, can be ordered from Huuvan’s Niittykummu restaurant in Espoo.

Huuva currently has 11 kitchens, including one in Berlin. The rest of the offices are located around large cities. Each Huuva location has three to six well-known restaurant brands, such as Green Hippo, Seksico tacos and Boneless.

In Helsinki’s Jätkäsaari and Vallilla, Tiffin, born in Berlin during the Corona period, is also under Huuva’s wings.

Sachin Obaid founded Tiffin during the corona era. Eeva Paljakka

Living in Berlin Sachin Obaid missed the foods of his childhood in corona secretions. One thing led to another, which resulted in Obaid preparing authentic Indian food once a week and delivering the dishes to customers’ doorsteps.

Baingan ka salan is eggplant curry in coconut milk. Eeva Paljakka

However, Obaid reminds us at the press lunch held in Huuva that India is a huge country full of many kinds of authentic food. Tiffin’s dishes are from South India, from Obaid’s home region.

Cooperation with Huuva already started in Berlin, Tiffin came to Finland this spring.

Butter chicken is also Tiffin’s favorite dish. Eeva Paljakka

Obaid assures the same as Kallioinen: the taste of Asian food only improves during transport and reheating.