In daily life, Dibi is a high-ranking official in the Nieuw-West district. Yet the former politician cannot resist giving his opinion every now and then. Last Friday evening he responded under an Instagram message from Dijksma.

    He attacked her because she contributed to the cabinet’s asylum deal on behalf of the municipalities. “Are you serious? Shame on you for your ‘involvement’ in this”, reacted Dibi. He thought it was ‘nauseous’ and pointed out ‘principal limits’ to Dijksma.

    The messages were soon deleted. Last year, according to Halsema, he already violated the code of conduct of the municipality with statements on Twitter, then about a pro-Israel meeting.

    Code of Conduct

    “In principle, we do not make any statements about individual employees of the municipality,” says a spokesperson for Halsema. “What I can say about it is that a conversation took place with him at the time and that agreements were made. It will be examined to what extent his recent statements have remained within the limits of those agreements and the code of conduct.”

    According to the code of conduct, a civil servant is not allowed to make statements that ‘may harm the functioning of the municipality, the organizational unit or the city district’. Dibi’s direct manager looks at Friday’s messages.