Today Inside’s security evicted a man from the studio yesterday. He sat in the audience and slapped a stripper hired by the program on the buttocks. “That is not possible.”

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    Today Inside hired a stripper yesterday as a playful stunt to disrupt the broadcast. It was intended as a nod to Eva Jinek, who has been plagued for weeks by all kinds of disturbances in her program. More than 200 euros was paid for this lady, who caused quite a bit of hilarity.

    Tap buttocks

    The lady got up, took off her clothes and then walked through the studio in lingerie. When she walked out of the set, a gentleman in a white shirt gave her a good slap on the buttocks. However, that was not part of the set-up: the gentleman touched the buttocks of the stripper in question without being asked.

    It’s not very surprising that this happened. The people in the studio of Today Inside are not exactly highly educated. At least, that is what Charles Groenhuijsen says about it.


    After the commercial break, Wilfred Genee made it clear that the stripper had been hired. “It is wise to say very clearly that our security is of course top, there is nothing wrong with that. This was hugely staged, but it was with a nod to the last few weeks. Surely that is important.”

    Studio guest Pieter Cobelens: “I had hoped she would be glued to the table.”

    Kicked out of studio

    And what happened to that butt ticker? Wilfred: “There was a gentleman at the exit who gave the lady a tap on her buttocks. It has been expelled.”

    René: “He has been expelled! haha! You can’t do anything these days! haha!”

    Wilfred: “No, but that was not entirely the intention, of course.”


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