ha triumphed in Sanremo 1983 with Whatever will be, will be. But since then her career has focused more abroad, away from the spotlight of our country. Tiziana Rivale has returned to talk about her story on television. She did hosted by Serena Bortoneto Today is another day.

    Sanremo 1983: Tiziana Rivale triumphs against Vasco Rossi and Toto Cutugno

    Thinking about the 1983 cast of the Italian Song Festival makes me shiver. Yes, because in that year names such as Vasco Rossi (it was the year of Reckless life and of his leaving the stage, during the performance on the final night, while the song was still playing; a way to protest against playback at the Festival). But also i Matia Bazaar with the very lucky one Roman holidays (they placed fourth) e Toto Cutugno with The Italian (fifth).

    Orietta Berti, the year of rebirth: from Sanremo to hits with rappers

    However, the winner that year was Tiziana Rivale who, at the time of the victory, was practically unknown. As she was able to tell herself in Bortone’s living room. “I was incredulous. I didn’t expect that. Until the day before I was a rookie. I opened the Festival and finished it myself. I thought: “I just need a TV pass”. And instead…”.

    How was this victory of yours received by the other artists in the competition? “They kind of hated me. I thought: “Sorry if I exist”». And immediately afterwards you affirmed, generating dubious feedback from Bortone. «There were no juries flown that year. Gianni Ravera said it. Before dying, the good patron gave an interview saying: “1983 was a clean year, I couldn’t steer the juries”».

    Tiziana Rivale during the photocall of the show “Tale e which show”, in Rome, on September 11, 2019. Credit: ANSA/ALESSANDRO DI MEO

    His wish? «Keep singing abroad»

    After the victory in Sanremo, however, Tiziana Rivale’s career never really took off. “The record companies hadn’t printed even half a disc. What a beautiful gift they gave me… Precisely because no one would have guessed my victory. They pressed the record late, it came out late… Then I continued to work in the rest of the world. After two years I left the then record company and continued my journey normally. Without regrets because what I wanted to do I did, and the things that didn’t go well weren’t up to me… I forgave them».

    Among the places in the heart of Tiziana Rivale (very reserved about her private life, so much so that it is not known whether she is married or has any children) there is Los Angeles. «I went there because I had a reference. I did some tests. They hired me as a singer for soundtracks and to do English dubbing for films. I stayed for four years. A nice experience”.

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    A desire of the singer (among the protagonists of the 2019 edition of Such and Which Show, on Rai Uno)? «Continue to sing abroad. And, if possible, also in our country».