Three suspects released in far-right investigation that resulted in death | Merksem

The six were arrested on Wednesday morning as part of an ongoing investigation by the federal prosecutor’s office into the preparations for a terrorist attack and violations of weapons legislation in the extreme right environment. On Wednesday morning, detectives raided ten addresses in the municipalities of Merksem, Zandvliet, Antwerp, Deurne, Berchem, Kasterlee and Ghent. “They are suspected of wanting to commit a form of armed resistance against the government, without a concrete goal or time having been determined,” said the prosecutor.

In Merksem, in the Molenlei, the police raided the home of Yannick V., a 36-year-old man, gold and silver dealer, who collected weapons and military items and was also a sports shooter himself. In addition, a shooting took place just as the special units of the federal police raided the house in question. Yannick V. was killed as a result. According to the federal prosecutor, more than a hundred weapons and a very large amount of ammunition were found in that house.

“Tactical vests, night vision goggles, thermal goggles, etc. were also found”, it sounds. “Large amounts of weapons and ammunition were also found during the other searches, ten in total.”