That your eyes are important is one understatement. It is therefore important to take good care of and maintain them. This includes visiting an optometrist. “I really look at the health of the eye,” says Casper van Casper Optometry. “At our store you get the total package. You can not only buy beautiful frames, but also get a consultation and have your eyes measured.”

    Casper explains that an optometrist is in between the optician and the ophthalmologist: “We are actually an extension of the ophthalmologist and generally work at the optician. We measure and check your eyes. Is something not right? Then we refer you to the ophthalmologist.”

    Family business

    Casper comes from a family of opticians and optometrists. It is therefore not surprising that he continues the tradition. “My father and uncle started the business in 1973 under the name Rembrandt Optiek. They were eventually able to expand it into a chain with four other businesses in the South Holland region. I took over the business in 2015 when my father and uncle retired.”

    This was a little too big for Casper. “We found running four businesses a bit too much. I decided to run one business with the rest of the family. We sold the rest so that we can focus on one store where we have everything under one roof. From measurement to frame.”

    What does an optometrist do?

    The optometrist is the link between the optician and the ophthalmologist. Are your eyes bothering you? Do you see spots? Suffering from irritation? Then Casper finds out what’s going on. “In our store we have the equipment to check your eyes for the big four,” explains Casper. “The four biggest causes of poor vision are cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and diabetic retinopathy.”

    Maintaining and having your eyes checked regularly is important for your health. But your strength is also taken into account. Having the right glasses or contact lenses is just as important. “As an optometrist, you also have the responsibility to let your customers leave the house with the right glasses or contact lenses. In addition, we inform our customers about the best way to care for your eyes and what you can do to prevent poor vision.”

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    Shop entrance | Image: Casper Optometry

    sustainable brands

    A professional eye measurement is important, but of course you want to look good. Casper is happy to help you find stylish glasses or sunglasses. “We have a wide range of different beautiful brands. Consider, for example, Etnia, an independent eyewear brand from Barcelona. They have been working for 50 years with beautiful designs that they manufacture themselves. We also have great frames from Vasuma, a Swedish family business that started manufacturing creative and innovative frames in 2005. These are of course not the only brands that we have in house. We have something for everyone in our store!”

    Drop by!

    Do you suffer from your eyes or do you want to have your eyes measured? Then come by Casper in the store. “We are at home in all markets. Whether you want nice sunglasses for the summer or want to make an appointment to have your eyes measured: it’s all possible!”