Prince Harry’s book Deputy will be published in January.

    Prince Harry will read the audiobook version of the work himself. PDO

    Prince Harry’s memoir Deputy (Spare) will be released on January 10th. Even before its publication, the book has caused a lot of discussion due to, among other things, the death of Queen Elizabeth. The publication of the book was supposed to be this year, but due to changes in the court, the publication of the book was delayed.

    Harry’s “reveal book” has attracted so much interest that it has topped the bestseller lists, even though it hasn’t been published yet. Nothing about the book has been told in advance to Harry’s family or friends. For this reason, the court’s lawyers are said to be “on standby”.

    Several sources have said that the book openly tells the story of Harry’s growth in the British court. According to various sources, the book will go through the prince’s traumas and what kind of journey Harry has had with his wife Meghan. One of the expected topics of the book is also Harry’s military time and his service in Afghanistan in 2008.

    In the book, Harry also talks openly about his relationship with Meghan. PDO

    In the announcement of the book, it was revealed that one of the topics is also the harsh story of how Harry and William have had to say goodbye to their mother at a very young age. Harry was only 12 years old when Princess Diana died tragically.

    – With raw and unwavering honesty, Valamies will be a publication that is full of insights, revelations, introspection and hard-earned wisdom overcoming sadness, the announcement about the book states.

    This is what a memoir looks like. PDO

    Cover image

    The cover of Varamies book has attracted the attention of many people. On the cover of the book, Prince Harry looks directly into the reader’s eyes wearing a dark shirt. The photo was taken by a photographer Ramona Rosaleswho also has a special connection with Harry’s spouse, Meghan.


    The name of the book is Varamies in Finnish. The name refers to how throughout his life Prince Harry has been considered a “stand-in” at court. Among the brothers, William is clearly in a more popular position also because Harry and Meghan left the court in 2020.

    Harry is also known for his charity projects, and he acts as a patron of the Invictus Games, among other things. For his upcoming book, Harry is said to be making large donations to various British charities.

    The book’s Finnish title Varamies refers to Harry’s position at court. PDO

    The book uses a ghostwriter as an assistant JR Moehringer, who has written several memoirs before Harry’s book. Harry’s and Moehringer’s backgrounds have common factors due to difficult family relationships. For this reason, suspicions have arisen that Harry specifically wanted Moehringer to assist in the work.

    The New York Times magazine has described Moehringer as “the best memoirist of all time”, which is also believed to have been very important.

    An audiobook version will also be made of the book, which Harry will read himself. The 416-page work costs a good 40 euros.

    Source: Hello