“They were lovely girls who were very integrated,” they say at the school for the deceased twins in Oviedo

“We don’t know what could have happened; they were lovely girls”. At the La Ería school in Oviedo, no one could understand this morning the death of Anastasia and Alejandra, the two 12-year-old twins who were found dead after falling from the sixth floor of the apartment where they lived, at number 48 on Calle facets. They were good students, they played with all the children in the yard and, despite being of Russian origin, they spoke Spanish perfectly. The same was true of his 10-year-old brother, also a student at the same center. For this reason, at two in the afternoon, when the siren announced the end of classes, no one found an answer: “How could something like this happen?”

The story of the parents of the little girls’ classmates was identical: they had been at La Ería for several years and, both they and their family, “were very affable, charming.” No one is aware that there were cases of harassment in the center. Rather the complete opposite. The sixth graders, the course the twins attended, were counting down the hours to go on a study trip. The four-day excursion was scheduled to leave for Madrid on Tuesday. “They had been selling ballots to pay the expenses,” they claimed.

“I have ever seen them at recess and they were always playing with other children, like the others,” said Fernando Díaz Palacio, father of one of the twins’ classmates. “One of her drew very well. My son always said that he would love to draw like her,” he said sadly about Anastasia and Alejandra, ias dentic as two drops of water, so at home they used to put a bow in their hair of a different color so that they could be differentiated by their classmates and teachers.

In La Ería, a silence inappropriate for a school reigned throughout the morning. In the patio, shielded by several agents of the National Police, there were no children, no games or movement. The stillness was broken at 11:41 a.m. It was then that staff from the Family and Women’s Care Unit (UFAM) of the National Police, the Ministry of Health and Social Services arrived at the school, accompanying a couple who were very close to the parents of the children. Barely 15 minutes later, they left the premises with the twins’ little brother, a fourth-year student, and another boy, the son of these family friends.

“You have to manage very tough situations”, lamented Emma Álvarez, director of the La Ería institute, about the terrible situation that was being experienced in the school, from which her center is only separated by a fence. Precisely, Álvarez had to face a similar situation a year ago when the Moldovan Igor Postolache, 32, assaulted his neighbor Erika, 14, a student at the IES de La Ería.

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Calm was again a constant at school until the siren sounded announcing the end of the day. Many of the twins’ classmates, who received psychological assistance in the classroom during the morning, went to meet their parents crying and visibly affected by what had happened. “It is very difficult to explain and very hard,” they lamented families, very concerned about the emotional impact of the situation on the little ones.

For its part, the center’s management refused to make statements about the tragedy, which is currently being investigated by the National Police.