These otherwise paid apps are now free

Many developers offer their apps and games for iOS and Android for free for a short time. But not all of them are really good. TECHBOOK therefore presents the free apps that are worth downloading.

Whether games, useful tools or learning aids – for many good apps you usually have to pay a small sum. But from time to time these apps are also available free of charge in the Apple App Store or in the Google Play Store. TECHBOOK reveals which free apps are currently available and has selected the best ones for you.

Notice: The free apps of the day presented here are mostly offers from January 19, 2023, which are only available for a short time. If you are interested in an application, you should be quick, because today’s free apps could soon be subject to a charge again.

The current free apps for the iPhone and iPad


Chloe Puzzle Game (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Guide Chloe and Bunny past obstacles to their destination

5/5 stars (15 ratings)

Word Search Daily PRO (otherwise 1.99 euros)

A word grid game about finding given terms horizontally, vertically or diagonally

4.9/5 stars (68 ratings)

Stop the Fuzz (otherwise 1.99 euros)

Test reflexes by letting balls through but blocking fluffy balls with the laser

5/5 stars (9 ratings)

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Vislab (otherwise 1.99 euros)

Load 3D objects and use them to create animated camera recordings for professional videos

4.4/5 stars (22 ratings)

Funnel (otherwise 0.99 euros)

The Time-awarded app aggregates podcasts from outlets like the BBC, NPR and Wall Street Journal

4.6/5 stars (1200 reviews)

Spelling Test & Practice PRO (otherwise 1.89 euros)

Test how well you can spell English words

5/5 stars (1 rating)

Great Questions (otherwise 0.99 euros)

The app is designed to help you find good questions to start a conversation

5/5 stars (1 rating)

Vostok — Story & Collage Maker (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Create stories with pre-made backgrounds, stickers, fonts and filters

3.8/5 stars (27 ratings), includes in-app purchases

The current free apps for Android


Peppa Pig: Happy Mrs. Chicken (otherwise 3.99 euros)

Five mini games for kids featuring Peppa, George and Happy Mrs. Chicken

3.8/5 stars (2720 reviews), 1 million+ downloads

Math: Multiplication table (otherwise 1.09 euros)

The app is designed to help children learn simple math problems and solve them themselves

4.2/5 stars (406 reviews), 50,000+ downloads

Murphy’s Laws Guessing Game PRO (otherwise 1.99 euros)

Do you already know all of Murphy’s Laws? Here you can guess them

3.9/5 stars (61 reviews), 5000+ downloads

Hero Z (otherwise 1.99 euros)

A zombie plague has wiped out almost all of humanity in the future – now it’s about saving the last humans

4.2/5 stars (1730 reviews) 50,000+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

Speed ​​Math – Mini Math Games (otherwise 1.29 euros)

Fast math game to train your arithmetic skills.

4/5 stars (5060 reviews), 500,000+ downloads, contains ads

Rogue Hearts (otherwise 0.99 euros)

Explore caves and defeat enemies in this turn-based dungeon crawler

3.5/5 stars (14,800 reviews), 100,000+ downloads, includes in-app purchases

Space Shooter: Galaxy Attack (otherwise 0.59 euros)

Entertaining space shooter with the possibility to continuously improve your spaceship.

4.3/5 stars (34,200 reviews), 1 million+ downloads, contains ads and in-app purchases

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Lecture notes (otherwise 2.99 euros)

Students can use this app to record lectures and add notes

4.2/5 stars (3200 reviews), 100,000+ downloads

Unit Converter (Pega Pro) (otherwise 7.99 euros)

A handy converter that allows you to convert a variety of values

4.5/5 stars (20,500 reviews), 500,000+ downloads

ProCam X ( HD Camera Pro ) (otherwise 5.00 euros)

Camera app with numerous manual setting options, including ISO, shutter speed, exposure and focus, as well as frame rate and resolution for videos

4.4/5 stars (20,200 reviews), 1 million+ downloads