These activities can be done in Zoetermeer during History Month

With 567 activities, History Month is the largest history event in the Netherlands. You can also delve into the past in Zoetermeer. This year’s theme is ‘Eureka!’ Doesn’t that put you in a jubilant mood?

During History Month you can visit three events in Zoetermeer in October. An ideal outing during a drizzly autumn day.

History Month in Zoetermeer

In Zoetermeer you can visit an exhibition,

  • Exhibition Pioneers in Zoetermeer
    At the Historical Society of Oud Soetermeer in the Dorpsstraat you can find out everything about Zoetermeer entrepreneurs who started up well-known companies in their own city in the past. Find out everything about the founding of a margarine factory, PLUS supermarket and Nutricia. You can come on Monday evening, Wednesday and Saturday afternoon.
  • Reading Eureka
    A lecture about (accidental) inventions and discoveries will take place on Thursday evening, October 26, in the library in the Stadshart. Eric Klarenbeek takes you through a fascinating story about the origins of products and the thinking behind them. Because was a knife invented to peel an apple or perhaps to kill someone? Order your tickets here.
  • Reading Innovations in women’s lives
    A lecture will take place on Thursday evening, October 19, in the library in the Stadshart about the many changes for women in the past century. Writer Suzanna Jansen presents her new book The revolution or the age of women in which she tells how our mothers and grandmothers lived and how time has changed. Buy your tickets here.


This year’s theme is ‘Eureka!’. According to the organisation innovation is timeless. “That is why this October we are paying tribute to the makers of progress, the architects of the world of tomorrow. To the alphas and the betas, the bookworms and the adventurers. Da Vinci, Spinoza, Einstein: some became world famous. Many remain unknown. From cassette to chip machine and from delta works to microscope. Science offers solutions and hope, but is also under attack.”

Since 2004, History Month has focused on a theme. The first theme was ‘Typical Dutch’ and the theme of 2024 will be ‘Really fake’. It Fund for Cultural Participation is investor of History Month.

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