Therese Johaug coached fitness athletes in Helsinki.

    Many joggers who moved around the Helsinki Olympic Stadium were rubbing their eyes on Wednesday.

    Four-time Olympic champion in skiing Therese Johaug shouted instructions to Finnish fitness enthusiasts.

    – Come on! Faster! Looks good! Johaug shouted and ran with the Finnish group.

    It was an event organized by the sports company Intersport. The clothing brand named after the skier who ended his career last season is being launched in Finland, so Johaug came to Helsinki to encourage people to move.

    Twenty enthusiastic fitness athletes participated in the event. The superstar taught them running technique and held interval training on hilly terrains.

    – Hopefully they will sweat and afterwards it will feel like they have practiced, Johaug mused before the start of the training.

    Therese Johaug cheered on the runners on the grounds of the Olympic Stadium. Matti Matikainen

    Johaug shared training tips and pulled a workout. Matti Matikainen

    After a 40-minute workout, there were tired but smiling runners on the rocks of the Olympic Stadium.

    The winner of the Wellness model competition in 2020 especially had reason to smile Josefina Lahtinen. Johaug lavishly praised Lahtinen’s running technique.

    – I haven’t run terribly, so I was surprised. It’s wonderful to receive good feedback. This inspires you to keep running, Lahtinen said.

    – Really hard training. Certainly close to 200 was the heart rate.

    Josefiina Lahtinen’s running technique impressed Johaug. Anni Saarela

    Jenny Hyvönen wanted to challenge herself. Anni Saarela

    Was involved Jenny Hyvönen I was excited in advance how the running training would go. Hyvönen enjoys crossfit, cycling, padel and dancing, but there weren’t many runs during the summer.

    – A friend sent a message that now would be an opportunity. Such opportunities do not come often. So I set out to challenge myself. Therese encouraged the gang nicely. That made it even more so. I felt bad, now I feel really good.

    They also praised Johaug’s encouragement Annette Sandström and Camilla Levander. The two enjoy trail running

    – There were really good tips. Technology matters, Sandström reflected.

    – We said that next week the training group will do Johaug training! Lavender laughed.

    First time

    The Finns were able to run in intervals of one and two minutes. Matti Matikainen

    Camilla Levander (left) and Annette Sandström apply Johaug’s running tips. Anni Saarela

    Johaug gave high fives at the end of the training session.

    – I am so proud of you! Now you can relax for the rest of the evening.

    It was the first time that the Olympic champion was in the center of Helsinki. On previous visits to Finland, he has gone directly to the World Cup in Lahti or Ruka.

    – It’s great to come here and see the Olympic Stadium. Previously, in Finland, I was only focused on myself, so that I could win the competitions. Now I want to coach and inspire.

    – Helsinki seems nice. The Olympic Stadium area is beautiful.

    The Johaug brand manufactures sportswear. The skier has been interested in the clothing business for a decade, but for the first three years the brand only produced ski gloves.

    – I want to encourage women to exercise and take care of their health. I want to inspire people to seek big and small victories in their lives. Not everyone can be a world champion, but you can set a goal for yourself and win it after reaching the gold.

    Finally, the participants could ask Johaug questions. Matti Matikainen