The World Championships and the Vasaloppet in a row – a private plane to help

Astrid Slind plans to ski the 30 and 90 kilometer races on the same weekend.

  • Astid Slind flies from the World Ski Championships on a private plane to Sweden to ski a marathon.
  • Reijo Jylhä doesn’t understand the trick.
  • Slind was out of the national team for years and became a star at the age of 35.

Norwegian skier Astrid Slind35, plans to pull a crazy trick this weekend.

Slind, selected for the first World Championships of his career, will ski 30 kilometers on traditional in Planica on Saturday. After that, the skier jumps on a private plane in Austria and flies almost 2,000 kilometers to Sweden.

The 90 kilometer long classic race Vasaloppet will be contested on Sunday.

– The departure time of the machine depends on how fast I ski on Saturday. The nights are short, Slind laughs.

The legendary Vasaloppet is skied from Sälen to Mora. The competition suits Slind, as he has skied in the Ski Classic series of marathon trips before the current season.

The Norwegian won the Vasaloppet last year.

– I’m trying to win now too, but I think my chances are lower than normal. The preparation is certainly not optimal in terms of nutrition and rest.

– Tour de Ski is nothing compared to this!

Astrid Slind (second from the right) achieved her WC dream on Thursday. PASI LEISMA

Slindi’s traveling on a private plane received some criticism. The skier emphasizes that there are other passengers on the plane.

– Sponsors pay for the machine. It might sound worse than it is.

– When I heard about the flight, I thought that the opportunity to travel to the World Cup and Vasaloppet back-to-back is only once in a lifetime. It’s great that it’s happening.

The skier knows that recovery from this takes time.

– I might even take two rest days, Monday and Tuesday.

“Does not make any sense”

Astrid Slind (on the left) wants to compete in two races in a row. PASI LEISMA

Iltalehti’s skiing expert Reijo Jylhä wondering about Slind’s solution.

– It doesn’t make any sense that he skis 30 kilometers on Saturday and Vaasaloppet on Sunday… Of course it’s possible.

The solution is explained by the fact that Vasaloppet is one of the world’s most prestigious skiing events. The event could be compared to the World Championships of marathon trips.

However, Slind’s victory seems unlikely.

– She gives the other top women in Sunday’s competition a lot of handicap. If Slind does well on Saturday in Planica and wins Vasaloppet on Sunday, we will put a crown on his head.

Let’s compare to Björgen

In Reijo Jylhä’s opinion, Slindi’s bet makes no sense. Timo Lindholm

Slind’s mere participation in the World Cup is a small miracle. Few break into the adult competitions at the age of 35.

Slind did not compete in the World Cup once in the seasons 2014–2022. He returned to the circus in Lillehammer last December.

Konkari skied three times in the top ten at the Tour de Ski and was seventh in the overall results. In January, at the Les Rousses World Cup, he took the first World Cup podium place of his career in the 20 km traditional race.

Getting to the World Championships was a dream come true.

– I’ve always thought that the time will come when I make it to the national team and even the relay. It’s been my dream.

– No one expected it to happen. I got more power from it.

Slind was celebrating Norway’s relay gold. PASI LEISMA

Slindi has already been praised by a sports legend Therese Johaug. According to estimates from Norway, Slind is the country’s best woman on roller skis after Johaug and by Marit Björgen.

Ylältätä won the World Championship bronze last week in the combined event and was part of the relay team that won the Norwegian World Championship.

– This is so great. When things go well, I live like in the clouds.

The question is whether Slind will focus on the marathon or the World Cup in the future. Norway will host the World Cup in 2025.

– Everything is open. I think I will decide about my future in the spring.