The video shows the insanity of the F1 calendar – more than 133 thousand flight kilometers

The round-the-world race program shows that formula stars get to spend time on a plane.

Formulas are run on every continent and from the point of view of aviation emissions, they are in bad order. As usual, the season culminates in Abu Dhabi. PDO

In 2023, a record 23 race weekends will be run in the formulas. There are even more races, because six sprint races run on Saturday can be accommodated in the calendar. The number of sprint races will be doubled from last season.

There were originally supposed to be 24 weekends, but the series decided not to run the Chinese race due to the current corona situation in the country. We are still thinking about an alternate race for the competition in April. The Chinese competition has been canceled for the fourth time in a row for the same reason.

The number of competitions may still produce a buzz. F1 teams are also busy with all the traveling. The race calendar does not give much mercy, because the order of the races has been decided to be almost the most absurd of all, when the F1 circus sails around the globe several times.

Three separate trips to the United States

TikTok user baristajoshf1 published a video that illustrates the absurd side of the competition calendar. Formula people have to fly from one continent to another several times, when, for example, there are visits to Europe and South America between the North American Games.

Three separate race weekends are organized in the USA. Six races are held in Europe in the summer, after which the season moves to Singapore and Japan, continues to Qatar, returns to America and culminates in Abu Dhabi.

The biggest jump comes between the final races of the season, when the season moves from Las Vegas in the United States to Abu Dhabi. Flight kilometers will be approximately 13,180 kilometers.

The smallest transfer takes place in July-August, when the formula teams travel from Holland to Spa, Belgium. The race places are about 200 kilometers apart. However, this short transition is not of maximum benefit, as the almost month-long summer break falls in between.

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Formula stars will have to stretch out next season, when points are awarded in a record 29 different races. If a replacement is found for China’s competition, the number will rise to 30. PDO

If the Chinese competition had been organized, in total the formula stars would travel about 133,500 kilometers next year between the races, according to autoracing-site. The reading is still higher in reality, as it does not include drivers’ visits to, for example, home or summer vacation destinations.

Formula drivers will gather in Bahrain for a test period in February. The season starts on March 5 and ends in November in Abu Dhabi.