09/24/2022 at 07:04


    Japanese cuisine is booming in Spain

    Includes healthy options for our day to day

    Half omelette, half pizza… Be that as it may, okonomiyaki, a typical Japanese dish, is a healthy and different option to eating vegetables in your diet. Especially since it’s made from an ingredient that does not seem to the naked eye.

    It is the cabbage, which is the base of this dish, being easy to find in Spain. It can be cooked in the oven or on the grill. It is sautéed with diced ham or bacon and mixed with the potato.

    The dough is prepared with a glass of chicken broth and mixed with the ham. Prawns, squid or any other marine ingredient can be added. In Japan, the key to rounding off this dish. Kewpie sauce is traditionally used but here the alternative is ketchup and mayonnaise.


    • Egg
    • half cabbage
    • Two tablespoons of flour
    • Ham or bacon tacos
    • Chicken soup
    • A potato
    • Sauces (to taste)