Queen has over 40 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. We’ve compiled a list of the ten most popular Queen songs, ranging from “Bohemian Rhapsody” to “We Will Rock You” to “Somebody To Love”.

    1. “Bohemian Rhapsody”

    The song was released in 1975 as a detachment from the album “A Night at the Opera”. The single sold over five million copies worldwide and became Queen’s first-ever number one hit. Eventually she was replaced at the top of the chart by ABBA’s “Mamma Mia”. Proceeds from the 1992 re-release went to an AIDS foundation.

    2. “Another One Bites The Dust”

    The track was released in 1980 and can be heard on the record The Game. It was written by Queens bassist John Deacon, who also composed “I Want To Break Free” (1984). The song is considered the band’s best-selling single. It was inspired by Chic’s disco song “Good Times” and recorded in Munich.

    3. “Don’t Stop Me Now”

    “Don’t Stop Me Now” is taken from the 1978 album “Jazz”. The song was written by Freddie Mercury. It consists of several individual recordings that have been superimposed, resulting in a polyphonic refrain. It has only been performed live once – in 1979. It can also be heard on the records Greatest Hits (1981) and Absolute Greatest (2009).

    4. “Under Pressure”

    Queen co-produced the song with David Bowie. He appeared on the record Hot Space (1982). “The song is about how constant pressure can be harmful and love can be a way out,” says Freddie Mercury. Originally, Queen wanted to produce a track called “Feel Like”. Not happy with the result, they collaborated with Bowie.

    5. “We Will Rock You”

    The track was written by Queens guitarist Brian May during their 1977 tour. Released on the News Of The World album, it was inspired by its fans: “We played an encore and walked off the stage and instead of just keeping clapping, the audience sang ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ to us and we were just completely struck and overwhelmed – it was really quite an emotional experience,” said May.

    6. “Kill Queen”

    Killer Queen appeared on Sheer Heart Attack in 1974. Queen made their big commercial breakthrough with the single written by Freddie Mercury. The song is about a prostitute. “It was the song that best summed up our musical style and it was a big hit and we needed it badly as a sign of success for us,” May said.

    7. “The Show Must Go On”

    The song was released in 1991. He appeared on “Innuendo”, the band played the piece live with Elton John in 1992, at the tribute concert for Mercury. In 2021 the concert film “Live Around The World” was released, in which Queen performed the song together with Adam Lambert.

    8. “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”

    The song was written by Freddie Mercury and appeared on The Game (1980). The song is said to have been created within ten minutes: “I composed it on my guitar, which I can’t play very well at all, in a way it was quite good because I only know a few chords,” says the singer.

    9. “Who Wants To Live Forever”

    Who Wants To Live Forever was released on 1986’s A Kind Of Magic. It was written by Brian May for the soundtrack of the film “Highlander: There Can Only Be One”. There is an instrumental version of the track entitled “Forever”. Although May sings the first verse, when performing live, Mercury did all the lyrics.

    10. “Somebody To Love”

    “Somebody To Love” was released as a single on “A Day At The Races” in 1976. Queens drummer Roger Taylor said the song was inspired by Aretha Franklin. The song has been performed in many films, including by Anne Hathaway, and is one of Queen’s best-known songs worldwide.