Recently, a boy is a bit of a star on TikTok after his mother gave him a special haircut that resembles that of “Simpsons” character Mr. Burns. Twelve-year-old Nathaniel Glennen actually asked his mother Johanna for a haircut inspired by Gargamel, the evil wizard from The Smurfs. When he looked like Mr. Burns, the whole family panicked.

    Johanna shared a video of the haircut on her TikTok account, adding the caption: “Am I a bad mom for cutting my son’s hair like Mr Burns?”.

    @pink_nade Gargomal or Limmeny Snickets even? #mrburns #gargomal #thesmurfs #amiabadmum #badhairday #pinknade #limenysniket #thesimpsons ♬ original sound – Johanna Clark

    Speaking to Mirror, the mother explained: “He had this beautiful wavy blonde hair that he always wore to one side. I cut it myself because I felt weird going to the hairdresser in our small country town and asking for such a crazy cut. They definitely would have, but I figured he’d only wear it for one day and then I could shave the rest – but he’s still wearing it great now!”.

    “If he’s happy, I’m happy too”

    “Nathaniel is a 12-year-old with autism and pretty amazing self-esteem. I was concerned he might be teased, but he actually has a lot of confidence in editing and has become something of a legend at school. His first inspiration was Gargamel from The Smurfs, but he ended up looking more like Mr. Burns. We had tea and he asked me to and his siblings begged me to cut him like that so we went home and I got out the scissors. It was really hilarious – we all giggled for a good half hour when we first cut it and everyone who sees it now is laughing at it,” she continued.

    She continued, “I thought we were going to get so much negative feedback but everyone was so supportive and loved that he was able to express himself openly without fear of judgement. I pray he will allow me to shave him soon but if he is happy then so am I. He’s not a kid forever, let them be kids and have some fun.”

    The creators of The Simpsons recently announced that they will be parodying Stephen King’s novel It in an upcoming Treehouse of Horror episode.