The ‘sect that cures everything’, banned in Germany, wants to enter Spain using spaces of the Catholic Church

The ‘Circle of Friends of Bruno Groening’ has spread its dangerous message in places like El Escorial

In Bavaria, the Red Cross prohibited a few days ago that this group used its facilities for their practices

“There is a higher energy at the base of all biological existence and it can achieve all healing. How can anyone benefit from it? You must learn a series of body and spiritual postures that will make you take advantage of this ‘healing current’. And, above all, he must throw away all negative thoughts. Because thinking about something good and beautiful helps a lot”.

This premise would not pass any medical or scientific control, but it is spreading dangerously in Spain in recent days. All ‘thanks’ to Bruno Groening Circle of Friends. A German sect that was classified as such by a German government commission in 1998. It defends that there is no incurable disease and that the guru of this group, a deceased Pole named Bruno Groening, performed massive cures while alive.

The problem also lies in the scenarios that this sect is using to spread its message. Because while in Bavaria (Germany) the Red Cross has recently withdrawn the permit to hold meetings at their premises, in Spain they roam freely. At least two spaces belonging to the Catholic Church have been used (or will be in the coming days) for the current leaders of this movement to present their dangerous message to the citizens of our country, according to EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA, from Iberian press group.

One of them is the Hostel Pere Tarres, from Barcelona. The other, a space called house san joselocated in the surroundings of the emblematic monastery of the escorial, where the first Spanish retreat of this controversial pseudoscientific group has already been held. This newspaper has contacted the management of both enclaves to explain why they have given up their spaces to a sect. But before addressing this point, it is necessary to briefly explain what this sect consists of, its origins and who makes it up.

The Miraculous Doctor

born as Bruno Gronkowski In Gdansk (Poland) in 1906, the guru of this sect had no scientific training. He did not study or develop his teachings. According to his followers, they were transmitted to him spiritually. With this supposed gift, and his already Germanized Polish surname (Gröning or Groening), became popular in Germany from 1949 for having supposedly cured a child given up by doctors. Groening argued that “human beings are surrounded by healing waves and just have to catch them.”

From there came the hype: Groening became locally famous because, like a healer, he was “healing” hundreds of people without the use of drugs: “The news of his miraculous cures spread throughout the world. Sick people arrived from all countries, petition letters and offers… tens of thousands of needy pilgrimages to the places where he worked & rdquor ;, tell his followers in his biography, adding that “his healings from him moved millions of people. Biblical scenes happened: paralytics walked again, blind to see, deaf to hear“.

His philosophy was based on saying that there is no incurable disease, that all can be healed through spirituality. Despite that (and that does not appear in the healer’s biography), Bruno Groening died in 1959 in Paris, victim of stomach cancer, one of the diseases that he himself said he could cure without drugs and with the sole power of the mind. After his death, however, his popularity only grew. And his followers took a giant step in 1950. His friend Grete Hausler she claimed that she had been cured by Groening of three incurable diseases. This is how she founded the Circle of Friends of Bruno Groening, which now runs through Spain with the aim of disseminating his pseudoscientific theories.

Häusler organized the first local communities of Friends in Austria and later strengthened them throughout the world, spreading the word that after the death of the guru healings continued to take place. They claim to be “one of the world’s largest associations for spiritual healing & rdquor ;, and its current leader is Dieter Hausler, son of the founder. They have a company that markets all the group’s products and its only shareholder is Dieter.

“We didn’t know”

The alarm that this German sect was touring Spain and had scheduled several meetings in Zaragoza, Barcelona, ​​Murcia or Madrid, It was given by the Researcher of the Ibero-American Network for the Study of Sects (RIES) Luis Santamaría, who warned of the matter in Aleteia. In Madrid, in fact, they have already held the scheduled event, which took place at the facilities of the religious congregation of the Sacred Hearts, Located in El Escorial. An appointment attended by more than fifty people and which has lasted for a whole weekend, concluding on April 23rd.

This newspaper has contacted the congregation, from where they have acknowledged that they have given up the space to the Bruno Groening Circle of Friends “out of sheer ignorance.” “We did not know that this group was considered a sect”tell from the communication department of Sagrados Corazones, owners of Casa San José.

“We had knowledge of that extreme on April 19. We have our house, which is normally available for rent. It is located in an ideal setting, in El Escorial. There is a house with rooms, but also a large outdoor space with gardens. It is usually used for retreats and social gatherings, and as such it was transferred this time. Ours is a house for the people. A house of Christian character whose doors are always open”, they continue from the congregation.

“When we were told that this group was classified as a sect in Germany, there were less than 48 hours left for it to take place. They had reserved it in advance. From there, we called a meeting with the director of Casa San José, with the Provincial Father and with the Administration Department of the congregation.” After the meeting, they contacted the Archdiocese of Madrid. The parties ended up agreeing that there was very little time to back out, and that they could not cancel the assignment.

“We have to recognize that his behavior here has not been problematic. We have not had any problems at the facilities,” they point out, but they do say that “from now on we will have to sit down to assess each of these cases. We do not have knowledge of the sects of the whole world, but we try to know who enters our house to avoid cases like this”, they conclude.

they continue on tour

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EL PERIÓDICO DE ESPAÑA has also been able to confirm that the next meeting will take place this week in Barcelona. Specifically in the Alberg Pere Tarrés, which is owned by the Fundació Pere Tarrés. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26 at 7:30 p.m. We have contacted the property, from where they have decided to put the case in the hands of the Catalan regional police.

Germany, the country of origin of this sect, is not the only country that has warned of the risks posed by the group. The government of Belgium He was the next to warn of the consequences of the dangerous message in 2003, writing a report that speaks of the worrying situation posed by associations such as the Circle of Friends of Bruno Groening. And in 2005 it was the French government the one who joined the notices. In Spain, At the moment, they still do not appear on any list, which makes the country the perfect place to spread harmful messages, such as those that claim that even cancer can be cured with positive thoughts and the laying on of hands.